White Death!

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  1. Somebody brought this story to my attention a while back and I think it is worth sharing. If you haven't heard of Simo_Häyhä, his is a story worth reading.

    Wikipedia has a good intro:


    This guy had .......well I won't ruin the story, but if you hate commies and like hearing great war stories that are slightly lesser known in the US, check it out!

    *Edited Link* The previous link had a bunch of gratuitous jokes that I missed when linking. I always prefer linking to more academic resources like the infallible Wikipedia.
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    Damn...thats alot kills. Pretty awesome

  3. There are quite a few factors that make this story so crazy:

    • He was a farmer (and marksman) called back into service for national defense
    • The kills were during a bitter winter with temps in the -20 F
    • All 500 +/- sniper kills were with iron sights Mosan Nagant
    • 200 confirmed kills with a 9mm submachine gun
    • He survived the war, albeit with a serious disfiguring injury.
    • I love the nickname that his enemy gave him, that just tops it off.

    So wikipedia gives a couple of this hero's words of wisdom:

    When asked in 1998 how he had become such a good shooter, he answered, "practice." When asked if he regretted killing so many people, he said "I did what I was told to as well as I could.