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Which YouTube gun channel do you watch

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There are a couple you tube channels I watch
1 James yager
2 John Lovell
3 Gun nuts meida
4 Clint Smith
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Hickock 45 for solid information and Demolition Ranch for the humor. I also avoid chanels that feel a need to use profanity just for the hell of it. I'm NOT a "stick in the mud" and learned all my "language" from my Army DI . I confess I use that kind of language myself but NEVER for public consumption.

PS: I heard a joke the other day, biden and whatsherface were elected?????
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This is kind of interesting. Jeff Quinn’s gun collection at the time of his passing.
Wife gives a tour. Hope the family got a pretty penny for it all.
Perhaps if MY wife stood next to her for a while, she could convey via "osmosis" some of her "understanding" of a husband's passion to her.:)

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