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Which YouTube gun channel do you watch

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There are a couple you tube channels I watch
1 James yager
2 John Lovell
3 Gun nuts meida
4 Clint Smith
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Hickok45, Paul Harrel, Clay Martin's 'Off the Reservation' to which after much thought and research on other ARs, I bought my Springfield SAINT 'edge' after his video review(He also bought the one he tested as I seen him use it in later videos). I got the last one available at the time from GrabaGun for $1,149.00

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Hickok45, Paul Harrell, Kentucky Ballistics, 'Off the Reservation' with Clay Martin on Guns America.
Jeff Quinn of GunBlast died.
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Aw, That's too bad. Real nice down to Earth guy and his family/friends put out some real good music together too.

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What YouTube channel do I watch the most? Outside of a one off gun review(mostly Hickok 45)?

Mark Felton/ WWII-I /Korea/Vietnam history series. It reminds me of all that gave their lives for the freedoms we TRY to enjoy. And it's HISTORY!, No 'woke' muther fukkers to trying to erase it.
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