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  1. imjin138

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    Next Saturday a local dealer is having a Glock day and having a little sale and some give aways I was thinking of getting one of 3 a G22, G27 or a G36. Any opinons on these models? It will be a CCW and range gun.
  2. Not a fan of the 40 so the 22 and 27 would be out for me. I really don't think the G30 would be any harder to carry then the G36 and you'd gain 4 more rounds. Personally I'd get the G30 but of the ones you've listed the G36 would get my vote. Just remember it's kind of an "odd ball" of the Glock world since it's the only single stack so stuff can't be changed out between models with it like they can be with the double stack models.
    If you're just looking for something small to carry for CCW then why not give the G26 a look? With quality ammo it'll get the job done just as well as the 40cal or 45acp and ammo is cheaper if you're not a handloader. If you want a larger caliber then I'd look at the G30 or if you really have to have something that throws a .400" bullet then the G29 in 10mm Auto would be a better choice since you can shoot the Fed Lite load and get 40S&W ballistics or bump it up to full power 10mm for some high end 357Mag/low end 41Mag ballistics. As always, JMHO, YMMV.

    Something else to think about with the G30. You can get barrrels in 400 Corbon that'll give you 10mm ballistics without the feeding problems sometimes associated with a 10mm Auto conversion barrel in a 45acp gun. One more reason to think about 45acp.

  3. imjin138

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    I just bought a G29, and I like it a 30 would fit all the holster for the 29 not a real 40 fn either but I was thinking of a 26 or 19 as options
  4. Devinh2

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    From just those three?? Definitely the 36 for me.
  5. unit44justin

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    If ot is going to be for carry purposes I personally would go with the 27 or 36. If they have a 19, 23 or 26 I would consider one of these as well. Either way you will be good with what ever you choose.
  6. imjin138

    imjin138 New Member

    They have just about all the normal ones, none in 45 gap or 357 sig. I have thaought about 19/23 or 26/27 and even a gen4 G21
  7. jeapster93

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    I have the 36 and love it, I use it as one of my carry guns. I've had no problems or malfunctions with it. I do trust my life with it!
  8. If you have a G29 I'd just carry it. The G30 or G36 isn't going to give you anything you don't already have in the G29. Now if you'd just like something a bit smaller then and if you're already handloading then the G27 would be a logical choice since you should be able to load 40S&W and 10mm with the same dies and they both take the same bullets. It just depends on which Glock handguns you've already got. If you only have the G29 then I'd look at getting the full size G20 to go with it.
    I had that exact set up back in '99 and it worked out great. I had the G29 for CCW and the G20 for Home Defense and general shooting/plinking.
  9. glockzombie

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    Please don't quote me but I don't think they make a G21 Gen4, I'm waiting for one
  10. CCSir

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    I gotta go with the 36 as well. If they have a G30(sf) you may want to check it out too. If not I would go with either the 36 or look at a 26 or a 19. JMHO.
  11. bhale187

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    Any of them will do well for you. The 19 or 23 would be a good compromise for a ccw concealability and range time comfort.
  12. imjin138

    imjin138 New Member

    Shot my G29sf today I found I shoot it better than my full size 20, it should make a good CCW
  13. The G29sf will make an excellent CCW gun. Nice thing about 10mm Auto, you're not limited to the "weaker" loads like you would be with a 40S&W gun. You can shoot Fed Lite for 40S&W power or bump it up to some really hot stuff and have plenty of 'umph' for just about anything you'd care to shoot at with your 29. ;)
  14. imjin138

    imjin138 New Member

    Right now I have some Honady critical defense in 165 I beleive and some hornady 200 grn hollowpoints for the 10mm. I plan on odering some buffalo bore 180s and 200.
  15. heliteiv

    heliteiv New Member

    Can you use .40 in a 20 or a 29?
  16. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    No you cant, you can only use .45. havent heard or seen anyone using .40 in a 10mm glock.
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  17. bhale187

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    I've not tried it myself, but I've read many reports of people who have used a lone wolf conversion barrel and not had any problems as long as they used the 10mm mags and made sure to slide the round all the way to the back of the mag.
  18. bhale187

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    You can use 45 in a G20 or G29, I had not heard of that. Does LW or Storm make a barrel conversion for it?
  19. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Yes they both do. I was actually in the market to buy a LWD 10mm barrel and g29 mags but i bought another gun instead. A lwd ported extended barrel with 2 g29 mags from cheaperthandirt.com would have runned me roughly 230.00$ plus tax and shipping.
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