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    I want to get a glock but don't know which one. Help me out. I deer hunt in louisiana. My reasoning in getting one (sounds like a good excuse to me) would be a secondary weapon during rifle season. I primarily rifle hunt with 30.06. 1-I want a glock for backup for wounded animal. 2-I also want a glock in case something like a hog or something else charges at me and my rifle can't get up that quick. 3-I would like something in a fairly large caliber for protection in my house. I do not have any intentions on using the glock for conceal carry although my mind may change. Please any thoughts are welcome
  2. Blaze

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    I personally think the G30sf would be perfect gun for u .. A 45cal but not big in size, u can conceal it and perfect for home are anything u want to do a very sweet gun to own

  3. I second the G30 idea. They're small enough to carry for CCW, have enough rounds even with their standard mags(10 rounds) for around the house and you can also use the G21 full size mags in em' to get 13+1 rounds of 45acp on tap. With a good quality 45acp +P load they'd be good on hogs at reasonable distances and with 45acp ball ammo they'd be good for a ending head shot on deer.
    IMHO the G30/G30sf is the best handgun that Glock makes.
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    Either the G30 or the G29. The G29 is the same gun but in 10mm. If your going to be using it for 4 legged critters I would go with the bigger caliber
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    Patrick, I have a G-20 10mm dedicated just for a back up weapon for hunting. I also use it for hogs when I want to use a pistol vs the rifle. I chose the 10mm over the .45 acp on mag capacity. If you ever get caught up in a a situation where you have a bunch of them on you, the extra rounds counts. Just my 2 cents.
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    I went to a gun show this weekend. I think I want to get all of the glocks. I'll just buy everyone of them. Lol
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    Welcome to the Forum Patrick! We're working on getting all the models ourselves. Love them. Enjoy!
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    Welcome Patrick to forum. I am new to the forum too. My Glock of choice is the19. Wow i would love to have a 10 mm or 45 acp also.
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    I'm going to buy the G 20 Gen 4 as soon as they show up out here at my LGS in Nevada. I usually carry my 629, or 500, but I'd like to switch to a big G 20.
  10. Blades

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    I'll third(or fourth) the G30sf. If you need more "umph" take a look at the .460 Rowland conversion for the G30.