Which Glock next?

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by lauritzencl, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. lauritzencl

    lauritzencl New Member

    I currently have a Gen3 27 and a brand new Gen4 23. Thinking the next one should be a 45 caliber? I previously had a 17 and 19 but got dumb and sold them to pay bills. Please disregard my ignorance on that decision .....
  2. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Sponsor Lifetime Supporting Member

    +1 on the .45 !! Any particular model in mind...?!

    Concealed carry or target...?

  3. lauritzencl

    lauritzencl New Member

    Nothing in mind yet. I really like the size of my 23. What are the tradeoffs/benefits of ACP compared to GAP?
  4. lauritzencl

    lauritzencl New Member

    Probably would start just for target but could end up concealed. I don't carry very often though.
  5. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Sponsor Lifetime Supporting Member

    Tradeoffs / Benefits ?

    .45ACP will be more available and cheaper than .45GAP for one... What you get with the .45GAP is usually higher pressures and with it more felt recoil...especially if you go with a G38 (8 round) compact or a G39 (6 round) subcompact platform. The G37 is the standard 10 round package.

    Benefits...can't think of any...But, I'm sure someone will be along to tout the GAP...stay tuned !!

    Just google .45ACP vs .45GAP and you'll see all the opinions...
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  6. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    If you like the size of the 23, you might want to have a look at the 30/30SF.
    They're almost the same size with the 30 having a slightly thicker (side to side) grip. The 30SF differs from the 30 by having a slimmer grip (I think 3mm less front to back).

    I personnally went with the 30SF. :D
  7. I think many of us had to make that decision. I sold my first handgun ever, a G19, for 145.00 once to make sure my family ate.

    It sucked, but i would do it again. Two years later i bought it back for $300 when i heard it landed in a pawn shop.
  8. GrubKiller

    GrubKiller New Member

    I think every Glock owner should have at least one G17.
  9. The biggest benefit to the GAP is it uses the same frame size as the the 9's, 40's and 357's.
  10. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    Get a Glock 35 and then buy a reloader for .40 S&W! ;)
  11. msandoval858

    msandoval858 New Member

    Personally, I'm back and forth. I'd really like to get a 27 Gen 4 for a smaller and lighter CCW option since I usually carry a 5" Kimber 1911. Though the XDm 3.8 is getting a lot of consideration as well.

    However, the 21 Gen 4... I need one of those bad :D
  12. Sarabian

    Sarabian Slightly Opinionated

    As an owner of a 21, I heartily recommend them. .45ACP all the way!
  13. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    I have 4 Glocks, do not have a 17 but it is on the list. My next will be a 26 for the wife.
  14. Todd_G21G30

    Todd_G21G30 New Member

    I have a situation where I've really turned my Gen-3 21 into a circus with a bunch of gear, parts, spare mags, etc. Don't want to carry it, never did really, but in wanting to carry a Glock ( traded my 36 that I carried for years ) I'm now looking at a 30SF. Lots of folks preaching heavily about the 30. If I'm comfortable shooting a big heavy 21 with a light on it, do I need a standard 30 or will the 30SF make that much of a difference? Will it throw me off? I have yet to see one for rent at the two ranges I frequent, and holding one simply won't answer my questions.
  15. Donn

    Donn Active Member

    Leaning heavily toward a 36. Don't really need another carry gun, but if I do make the move, a 36 will be the one.
  16. lauritzencl

    lauritzencl New Member

    I appreciate all the input. I will have to go handle some but pretty sure the next will be chambered in 45!
  17. lauritzencl

    lauritzencl New Member

    I do have the dies and currently reload for my .40
  18. I laid hands on a G36 recently and really fell in love. I didn't feel that it was that much different that my G23. Just my $0.02 though.
  19. Glock19

    Glock19 New Member

    If I'm comfortable with 9mm would I be better off going to .40 S&W before .45...?
  20. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    Honestly a .40 has more kick to me than a .45 does. A .45 is a low pressure cartridge with a completely different recoil than a .40. The .40 has much more of a "snap" (muzzle flip) than the .45 does, whereas the .45 has more of a tamed recoil. But again, this is all completely my own opinion. My favorite caliber is by far a 10mm which is a longer, more powerful version of the .40, and has much more felt recoil.