Which Gen G21?

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    NOOB to this forum :eek:

    I'm a G21 owner bought it in the early 90s. I'm browsing the forums and it's been a while since I've looked at parts in general, and now I see all these goodies for glocks, at the time when I got mine there wasn't much, if you were lucky you could get a hogue grip but if I recall that came out a few years later.

    Anyways, how do I know which gen mine is? I do want to get a few items for it but want to make sure it's compatible with my version.

  2. Here is a pics showing the different generations:


    They have a gen. 4 out now but if I understand correctly ( I could be wrong) the only difference is in the internals an the mag release on both side on the externals. If it is early 90's you might have a first generation glock 21.
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    Yes, a gen4 G21 is out now
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    I don't know what Generation is my G21SF w/ Picatinny belongs to :confused:

    **I saw the G21 Gen4 already on sale at Ramsey Outdoor here in Jersey 3 days ago..
  5. Well from the research I have done online, I am leaning towards that you have a gen 3 cause the Picatinny rails were only on the G21SF models. Gen 1 and 2 dose not have any rails of any kind. Weaver or Picatinny rail. An Gen 4 glocks will have Gen 4 written next to the number of the glock it is.

    Here are some info I found on it:


    According to GM on this thread ( 6th post from the top down) glock doesn't classify their guns by generations:

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    Thanks mine is a gen2