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  1. What is a good place to shop for Glock 27 stuff. Half of cheaper than dirt's stuff is out of stock. I'm looking for night sights, plus 2 mag extensions, frame plug, slide release, ex. Mag release, and a lot of other stuff. I just want to know a reputable place, I've sent off for a out every website I could think of for magazines months ago and haven't got any yet. thanks for the help…

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    Midwayusa.com, theglockstore.com, rockyourglock.com
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    I've used MidWayUSA, Lone Wolf Distributors, and glockparts.com multiple times each and I've been satisfied with each experience.

    MidWay is pretty popular so you might have trouble finding everything in stock.

    If that's a Gen4 G27, it can't use the same grip plugs and magazine releases that Gen3's use. I'd get the Glockmeister Gen4 subcompact grip plug, which can't be used with backstraps. Glockmeister also sells a factory Gen4 extended magazine release.

    Gen4 subcompact grip plug: http://www.glockmeister.com/Glockme...b-Compact-Gen-4-GLOCKS/productinfo/BCIG4MINI/

    Gen4 factory extended magazine release: http://www.glockmeister.com/Mag-Catch-Factory-Extended-Gen-4-For-9mm-40SW-357SIG/productinfo/G8794/
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  5. Thanks a lot guys you all have helped me out a bunch.
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