Where to shop for a rim

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by bullet121, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. bullet121

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    I needed a rim as a spare. I broke mine yesterday, front left rim as I met an accident so I am now in the market of finding one. The shop will take care of the rest like alignment, shock and axle assembly. Thanks, I am looking at this site by the way.
  2. Tape

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    check out;
    Tire Rack
    Discount Tire

  3. You try your local junk yard yet? You can find some good rims in the junk yard sometimes.
  4. chief203

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    I would check junk yards, eBay, forums for your specific make/model if any and finally a towing company or body shop. Lots of times they keep spare stuff like that around from cars that were otherwise totalled.

    Good luck.
  5. jonm61

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    You can also check Google or Yellow Pages to see if you have any rim shops in your area. Depending on how bad the damage is, some shops can repair it. Otherwise, they may have a source.