Where to get glock clothing besides its website.

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  1. glock19o12

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    Have been trying to find some appeal of glock and refuse to buy from there website to pay $10 shipping. I'm in the Cincinnati area anyone know of any places or online that has free shipping
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    May I appeal to your sense of business?
    Your concerns are unfounded IMO. It cost around 7.50 to 9.00 dollars to ship items. Then you have the labor, storage and other overhead fees one pays for as a business, to provide you the customer with the product.

    So, with that said, where can the merchant bury the shipping cost if they are going to ship, "Free?" This might be a revelation to you but, "Nothing is free."

    I guess GLOCK INC could just take the shipping cost off the profit they get on selling the guns but that would be an accounting nightmare and would have to affect the overall cost of the guns anyway to off set the shipping of apparel.
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  3. I can't tell, but do the white "Team Glock" tees have the word team printed in orange?
  4. Dark Knight

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    Cheaper that dirt also has lots of glock clothing and it is much cheaper than getting from glock
  5. No, the TEAM is in a light gray color with the GLOCK being in black.
  6. nitetrain

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    The shooting range i go to near Cleveland, sells Glcok t shirts, golf shirts, shooting bags, etc. I buy from local gun shows usually
  7. TheLance

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    I bought all of my glock clothing from EBAY...
  8. glock19o12

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    Actually there is places that ship free and I got my stuff shipping free. There is no need to charge for shipping on clothes other stuff is no big deal to me
  9. G-23

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    Well then, that is where you need to order your stuff from.:)
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    Buy blank T-shirt at Walmart, and pick up a permanent marker while there. Problem solved.

    Something that always has baffled me is why some people who conceal where clothing that advertises they are armed.

    Seems to defeat the purpose of conceal carry...

    Damn, replied to another necro thread.:eek:
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