Where the hell is our Glock 22LR?

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    I have to say it. I'm sure many of you have been thinking it yourselves. Where is the Glock .22LR so we can get away from picky and pricey conversion kits? I know it's not hard to do. After all, Smith & Wesson nailed it with their M&P series, the M&P22. Almost a toe-to-toe twin of their very notable M&P9 standard.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Glock. But, how nice would it be to run your drills and all your steel shooting with your carry gun, just in .22LR?

    I'm sure many of you will suggest the conversion kits. Which one is best, which one to stay away from, etc. However, the point being, regardless what kit you want to boast about, the things are picky. Like a spoiled little child that refuses to even look at the bag cereal while in the grocery store. "I don't want fake Coco Pebbles, I want the real ones!"

    Don't get me wrong here, I know the difference myself when it comes to certain things in life. You can't fake Apple Jacks. You can't fake a Guinness Stout. And you can't get a generic soda by me and tell me it's a Coke. And that's cool. That's what makes the good stuff good.

    But, when it comes to 22LR ammo, the last thing I want is a spoiled pistol. I've shot plenty of 22 pistols in my day. And aside from the classic Ruger's, they have all been just way too picky about bulk ammo. Nearly every modern 22lr pistol seems just a little too spoiled for its own good.

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    Give me a Glock that shoots stuff like this (without a aftermarket conversion kit and a bit of luck) and I'm a happy man.

    Walther's P22, the Sig's (LOL), most all of the 1911 22's, and yes, even the Ruger SR22. But, after a throw down run with the M&P22-- the mold has been broken. This by far the best shooting .22LR pistol I have come across. Pumping round after round of bulk trash ammo like nothing. I was set back to say the least. If you have not tried giving this little monster a go. I highly suggest you do so. You will not be disappointed at all.

    And the fact that it is almost an exact mirror version of its 9mm big brother is a great bonus. I hate to say it fella's, but I just might start using the M&P9 as an everyday carry. And that in itself is a bold statement coming from me. It breaks my heart to even fathom the thought.

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    (The M&P22 side by side to the M&P9. Photo by K.S. Henry)

    So here it is, online and printed for the world to see! Where is our .22LR? The hardcore Glock lovers of the world don't want to be left behind. There was a time when Glock stood at the for front of it all. Breaking and shattering mold after mold of what a handgun was thought to be.

    What have we gotten as of late? A single stack version of an already well to do subcompact? That isn't much smaller I might add. All you did was choose to lose a couple rounds. A 380? When a G26 or G19 has more power and still shoots better than a long forgotten round. (MHO... 380 is useless)

    I would love to see Glock come out with a 22lr that goes back to what made them who they are today. A mirror version of the G17 and G19. I'd love to laugh in the face of the M&P guys, and say, "Second place is ok."

    I'd love to get my kids into shooting more. Shooting Glock that is. But, they are still somewhat young to be slinging a 17 or a 21. Nevertheless, they love to shoot 22lr. Sad to say it's a Smith & Wesson, and not a Glock.

    --My name is Kinzie Shane Henry. I live in South Mississippi where I am a very avid outdoorsman. I hunt, backpack, camp, canoe and everything in-between. Moreover, I'm a Glock guy that doesn't want to be converted to Smith & Wesson.
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    1) I think practising with .22 LR instead of the "native" calibre of your pistol is going to make one's practice less effective because one isn't feeling the full recoil of the pistol. The military's philosophy of making training as realistic as possible makes lots of sense to me. 2) I do not like conversion kits to .22 LR. I also don't own stock in them. I prefer to keep my Glock mostly stock. If I wanted a .22 LR semi-auto or revolver, I'd simply buy one, but I think that .22 LR is dumb in a handgun. Sure, I like the Ruger Mk III, and I'd buy one for my son in a heartbeat, but my mind is brainwashed into thinking SHTF or personal defence / home defence, and I've read too much Massad Ayoob (as you can tell in my signature/quote area). 3) If I was even going to own a .22 LR firearm, it would be a Ruger 10/22 Takedown, and only for SHTF scenarios. 4) In my opinion, .22 LR is a glorified BB. Will it kill? Yes. Is it a valid firearm? Yes. Do I want to be shot with one? No. But I'd only shoot it (or any calibre smaller than it) if this was either SHTF (for small game) or only if there was nothing else. So basically I hate .22 LR. So my opinion is jaded. I'm not trying to argue, so please don't open a discussion or argument, because my opinion is not fact, nor is it objective, so really I'm already disqualified from having a logical debate about the subject. I only say all this because you asked. My point, however, is that, from a business standpoint, Glock coming out with a .22 LR pistol would be a waste of their time: there's conversion kits on the market. But in no way do I want to discourage you from petitioning Glock for one. On the contrary, I always encourage people to give companies their feedback. It's a free country: do what you want. If they listen and come out with one, problem solved, and I'll eat my words. If not, oh well. I still want Glock to come out with a pistol-calibre carbine. It probably won't happen, as the market already has several from other companies. But I'll keep hoping. And yeah, I don't like Hi-Point either.

  3. radelahunt

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    So since you ask "where the hell is my Glock in .22 LR", I ask "when the hell are you going to stop complaining?"
  4. knightwatcher

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    Good question... I'll be anxious to hear other's opinions. I like .22 LR !
  5. @radelahunt That's an interesting question man. Coming from someone who has posted several rants about how much you hate 22lr handguns. "I hate any pistol in 22lr". That's what you said right? I just don't get that. Why hate any "something" without knowing what it offers? So what if it offers nothing to you. That doesn't mean it holds no value to others. I really dislike sig. I don't care for 40 cal at all... but I'm not so highly opinionated in my view point to knock others for it. You just sound like a critical hipster too miserably opinionated for your own good. "Everyone likes this, so I have to hate it." Is that close TickleMeEmo?
  6. Glockfan7

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    I'd buy one. I own 1911's from .22LR all the way to 10mm. I own Glocks from 9mm to 10mm. I'm hesitant to buy a conversion, but I'm considering it. It would only be used on a dedicated Glock OEM frame. I shoot everything from BB to rifles and shotguns. I don't hunt. It's just for fun.
  7. Jozi68

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    I would also love to have a .22LR Glock.
  8. radelahunt

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    FYI Glock is a military gun. Everything about it and the way it has been marketed screams military and law enforcement. It's flat black, like our M-16s. It's designed to be durable, like everything else we have in the military. It's not designed to win a beauty pageant. Why then would a company so obviously obsessed with the military market want .22 LR? And why would they go that direction when there are already others making kits for their guns? Seems like it would violate not only their business concept but their target audience. Also, look at the categories on their website that deal with "which Glock is best for me?", etc. None would be served with .22 LR. Clearly they aren't interested. My response is this direct and straight-forward for a reason. You wrote an article with strong language basically demanding Glock to do what you want. With an article like this, I imagine you beating down the front door of their Smyrna GA office demanding to speak with Glock. That's not how you get what you want. You ask and you show them how it's beneficial to them, not berate them for not "getting it."
  9. Zeus121

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    As someone who has an MP22, it is an excellent gun. I am so glad I didn't go with the walther p22 or ruger sr22 as my first pistol. The important thing to note is that the MP22 is made by Walther and not by S&W. It is a dedicated .22lr pistol with a fixed barrel. The trigger lends itself to some very accurate shooting if you replace the terrible sights that it comes with. My 10 year old daughter loves to shoot it more than the Walther P22 her grandparents got her. Glock has a formula that only works for certain sized bullets and it works great. The ammunition is also available. Why make a new gun for a very hard to find ammunition?
  10. cudaviper

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    Advantage Arms has better reviews than Tactical Solutions conversion kit. I bought the AA kit. It is ammo sensitive, but is 100% reliable using the Aguila Interceptor rounds, 90% using CCI stingers. I was going to buy a dedicated 22 pistol but I own, like and only shoot Glocks, except for a couple 1911s.
  11. alabamaglocklvr

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    where the hell is our single stack 9mm?
  12. ishoot4thriLLs

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    I think I would like a Glock in .22lr. I have often looked at those conversion kits and thought, "Heck, I could buy a .22 pistol for the price of the kit and not have to convert what I have to shoot it". Sounds good to me.
  13. Paul69

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    I like the thought of a .22lr gun that mates with a carry gun. I have a Ruger .22 semiautomatic and a convertible single action revolver. Still a .22 Glock that handles and shoots as well as my full sized Glocks would be very nice. The feel and handling would be the same from gun to gun. Recoil would be different but the recoil is different between a 9mm., .45cal. and a 10mm anyways. Yet they all feel and shoot the same for practice, practice, practice. The cost of ammo. cannot be compared though.
  14. WildBill-1

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    Sig Sauer, make a .22lr slide conversion for P226,P938,P220,P226 and some kits come with Threaded Barrel. I wish Glock made a .22cal conversion kit to for the Glock 17-22.