When out and about do you carry in condition 1?

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  1. macwhite4265

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    I kinda use condition 1 for home defense, thought about it for when I carry, what do you guys think? :confused:
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    You will hear a lot of opinions on this, and there are a couple of threads addressing this same question.

    Moving thread to appropriate subforum...Conceal & Open Carry.


  3. iRockGlock

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    I think you should carry the way your more comfortable with. But I do encourage to carry with one in the chamber when out and about.

    Just say one of your arms is injured or the threat has you by an arm. One in the chamber can save your life.
  4. dslmac2

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    In Condition One, the pistol has a cartridge in the chamber and a fall magazine inserted into the magazine well. This state of readiness occurs just prior to firing the gun.
    In Condition One, a Glock handgun is brought into action simply by being brought on target. When placed on the trigger, the shooter's finger disengages the safety lever located in the middle of the trigger.

    In Condition Two, the pistol has a cartridge in the chamber and a full magazine in place. Glocks cannot be carried in Condition Two as they have no external hammer. When a 1911 is carried in Condition Two, the thumb safety is off and the hammer is down. The grip safety is still in place but does not come into play until the hammer is brought back for firing.

    In Condition Three the chamber is empty and a full magazine is in place in the magazine well. Condition Three is applicable in both the 1911 and Glock systems and is a common method of carry for military organizations around the world.

    In Condition Four, which applies to all handguns, the gun is completely unloaded and the magazine is removed.
  5. DevilDawg235

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    Even when I walk out of my apt at 4:30Am here in Orlando ( about 30 yards ) to my car, its always got one chambered. Once I get to my job's parking lot, it goes in the glove box.
  6. Uh oh
    Nope no comment
  7. bluzy788

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    A pistol with an empty chamber is an unleaded impact weapon. Get a holster that covers the trigger and trigger guard, and fits your body.
  8. Tillerman

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    Everytime I carry there is always 1 in the Chamber.
  9. ChromeDome

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    I'm kinda a noob, but it seems to me if anything, that would be reversed. In the safety of your own home it would be more diffcult for someone to "get the jump on you". Whereas out and about, you may be more vulnerable to a surprise or an ambush. Of course, that's just my opinion. I agree that a person should carry the way they feel good about. Just for the record... I carry condition one always. (Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me);)
  10. iGlock

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    Same exact thing here only at 6am, and in az...lol
  11. CBS

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    For me, it depends on the situation. For example, I carry condition 1 when a fast draw/engage is a possibility...in a parking lot, at my in laws :). However, I carry in condition 2 when in a lower potential threat environment...

    My thinking is you have to be aware of your surroundings and consistently perform risk/threat assessment and prepare accordingly.

    For the record, I still practice draw, rack, engage for when I'm carrying in condition 2.
  12. Never thought about this but it's a very simple, seemingly obvious, and great idea.

    Thank you.
  13. Webphisher

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    Read my Sig :D

    That being said I did train for a while. What I did was carried with no round in the chamber but with the trigger in the ready position. That way I was able to see if I would have had a discharge simply by seeing if the trigger was ever in the unready state. After a bit of that and a good holster I started Condition 1 all the time.
  14. Matthew780

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    I'm torn in this. I've carried in C-3 all my life. It was part of my earliest training and I guess I have developed a sense of added safety in C-3 mode. I realize this is not for everyone (such as Mom's with small children on and about their person), but my mind tells me that for "me", Condition One makes the most sense to accommodate the dangers in which I wish to be ready for.

    I think I need to step up my awareness and readiness to C-1. Something to seriously consider.
  15. iamthedood

    iamthedood The dude: "This aggression will not stand, man."

    I've been doing it for about a month now ... I just realized that the whole point of carrying is to "be ready" ...
  16. G-23

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    I understand your concern and felt the same for a very brief time.

    Carrying a loaded firearm has to be done correctly because you understand the implications of your actions and I applaude that.

    The matter of being comfortable with carry in condition 1 is a learned trate, just like the first time you go out into the public with a concealed weaponstrapped on, you just, "feel different." That is your senses telling you in a light fight or flight mode. But you got used to it and are now pretty comfortable with CW carry so you are at ease with it.

    Carrying in condition 1 requires you to have more training and go thur more 'feeling different" stuff because now you will be toting a live weapon. Again, your senses will kick in because you know the gun is ready to fire. It doesn't matter if anyone else does it only matters to you because you are accountable for that gun and any action it brings to the fight.

    To carry a loaded ready to fire GLOCK you have to have a holster that completely encases the trigger and firmly prevents the pulling of that trigger. Keydex comes to mind here. Personally, I did away with leather for several reasons but that's me.

    Training inculdes learning how to, draw that weapon without distrubing the trigger
    How to holster that weapon hot
    How to load and unload that weapon

    and confidence that you can do it and that the weapon remains unaffected/safe during your daily activites.

    Ther are times in my daily activities that I have to disarm because of my state laws. I never unload my weapon, I just transfer it from my carry holster and place it into my vehicle holster. It can be a challenge to do this in a public place with being seen. Again too, ti taks practice to accomplish smoothly and with confidence.
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  17. Matthew780

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    Thanks, G-23. Very useful information & advise. I appreciate it.
  18. P35

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    I have always carried with a loaded chamber. IMO, if a person is afraid of condition 1 carry, Glock is not the pistol for you. Perhaps a revolver of some sort.
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  19. Anyone know a good place to find full definitions of all the conditions for us laymen? Id like to learn more.
  20. P35

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    post #4 of this thread does a good job of explaining