When guns stop criminals

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  1. Far too often, only the negative side of gun use is reported. Hopefully we can fill a thread with good stories from media that tell of legal ownership and use saving lives and property...

  2. Better late then never. ;)
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    need to hear more of this side!
  4. The last two are a little old, but... [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFrf8nWK3V4[/ame]
    Absolutely hilarious! Good shooting too! Pretty close range! Hahaa
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    A well placed larger caliber and someone - thugs - would be seeing the medical examiner. Glad she defended herself.
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    Looks like the LA bangers are moving to Vegas.
  8. Have been for a while! They get their two strikes in Cali and come here. We don't have the three strikes rule here. It's good that they're finding out what crime is like in an armed community. Cali may be full of helpless victims, but vegas isn't!
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    and to AZ ;)
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    Not that anyone was late seeing this, its the media to blame for not airing a story that guns do save lives...it doesnt fit their left wing agenda.