When does a Glock become something else?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by GlocksN, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. GlocksN

    GlocksN Well-Known Member Supporter

    There is an abundance of aftermarket parts for Glocks. Every factory part has an aftermarket replacement.

    How many aftermarket parts does it take to make a Glock no longer a Glock?

    Perhaps you feel a Glock is a Glock no matter how many parts are changed out. As long as it still functions the way it was intended. Or maybe, you feel replacing something as simple as the pins on the frame take away from it being a Glock.

    What do you think?
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  2. Dave Bowman

    Dave Bowman Active Member

    Great question. My opinion is that my Glocks are always Glocks no matter what I change to improve them to my taste. Glocks are unique for that ability.
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  3. Hollow-Point

    Hollow-Point Active Member Supporter

    I agree. You can buy a Mustang or Camaro or whatever. Replace parts on it and it’s still Mustang or Camaro... It’s all on the job it’s doing and what you like. Some people want stock some people like to modify. Great question....
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  4. Danzig

    Danzig I do hood rat sh%t! Supporter

    maybe 1 or 2 parts are Glock but it’s pretty much a Glock.

    ...or is it?o_O
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  5. mattm

    mattm last one, I promise Supporter

    Depends. Is it yo "problem solva'"?

    If so, it's a Glawk...foty.
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  6. Southlake

    Southlake Island Life Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    If it is serialized Glock, then it’s a Glock.
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  7. randomguy

    randomguy Active Member

    I would tend to agree that if it’s got a Glock serial number, it’s a Glock. I get the folks that want to trick stuff out and build a race gun, but you see a lot of stuff out there that doesn’t have a single Glock part on it, and to me, that’s a frankenpistol. A regular burger with an extra slice of wonder bread doesn’t make it a Big Mac.
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  8. Hollow-Point

    Hollow-Point Active Member Supporter

    Agreed. If it starts out as a factory
    Glock, then you swap parts or whatever it’s a Glock. If you build a a complete gun, like a lower, slide, whatever then it’s not a really... am I right?
  9. Blue Jacket

    Blue Jacket Member

    I own numerous firearms. My 1st and only Glock thus far (not for long, lookin at you 44) is my G40Mos, that I bought specifically to modify.

    The MOS variety invite us to add on, not to mention the light rail. Tossing a threaded barrel, improved iron sights to co witness a dot just seems like one of many inferred evolutions of the brand.
  10. Danzig

    Danzig I do hood rat sh%t! Supporter

    Is an AR-15 not made by Colt or 1950’s era Armalite still an AR-15?
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  11. mattm

    mattm last one, I promise Supporter

    ...actually, sitting here at work, watching SmallArmsSolutions, feeling all Colts should be called M16A1's.
    How many times have we seen "AR stands for Armalite, not assault blahblahblah" so feeling most thinking they own an AR....don't.
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  12. brucer41

    brucer41 Faithful Member Supporter

    A Glock is a Glock is a Glock, period. You are you no matter how many knee, or hip replacements etc. you get. And, a Glock is already something else, that's why we love them!!
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    MWJOHNSON Republic Of Texas & 50K Contest Winner Member Supporter

    SE Texas
    very well said
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  14. miniman

    miniman Member

    this makes my glock a real mean machine.glock 23 makes cans dance at a 100 yards with ease. IMG_0033.JPG
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  15. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    I think, once you changed out the frame to "not a Glock" frame It's just a pile of Glock "parts"
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