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Wheel guns

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Anyone else out there love wheel guns? I have a S&W 686 5" and a Taurus 85CH Stainless that I love. I carry the .38 from time to time when I need small. The .357 is normally only carried on the range and occassionally when I take a walk in the woods near the house. It's a big sucker, so I don't use it for concealed carry (You ever try to conceal a 686?!?)
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Packed a 686 in IWB from NJ to FL one time and thought my hip was broke by the time I got there. That weapon is now permanently stored at my brothers place. Could say it's my FL gun.

With a gun in FL, I don't have to drive all the time to avoid the stealing TSA hood rats they hire at Newark-Liberty.

If the truth got out, you'd find out more guns get stolen out of baggage at EWR than anywhere else.

Anyone surprised? Let me see a show of hands on that one.
A 686 in an IWB holster?!? You, sir, are my hero.
Trust me, your "hero" will never do that again!:eek:
I don't have to drive all the time to avoid the stealing TSA hood rats they hire at Newark-Liberty.

OMG if that isn't the truth. I'm a Camden born, Bridgeton raised NJ survivor.
nukinfuts29 said:
OMG if that isn't the truth. I'm a Camden born, Bridgeton raised NJ survivor.
I come to Camden to do business with L3. But we stay in Philly, drive over the bridge, drive those 5 blocks like a maniac, avoiding Rutgers college students and get into the secure parking lot... Then leave the same way, FAST!

If I wasn't afraid of my checked gun getting stolen by airline baggage handlers, I would bring it with me for those 10 Camden city blocks!
Camden always has that dead body smell too. Drive by the meth clinic sometime, park four blocks down and watch. It's fun to see all the richie kids come from Cherry Hill and Deptford to score. Here's a pic just down the road from it when we interviewed a crack whore ;D


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nukinfuts29 said:
Here's a pic just down the road from it when we interviewed a crack whore ;D
I think she gave my buddy a BJ at lunch once.
lmfao that's great. I probably have more on my backup drive. Spent waaaay too much time in Camden. Had to go diving one time there, NASTY water man, NAAAAAASSSTYYYYY
I lean toward Rugers. I own a Blackhawk 45 Colt, Redhawk 44 Magnum, GP-100, Security Six and SPS-101 in 357 Mag/38 Special. I also own a Taurus Judge 45 Colt/.410, Hopkins-Allen 38 S&W and a Nagant 7.62 Nagant.
I do carry the GP-100 In a Miami Classic shoulder rig. from time to time.
My Revolvers

Single Action

Double Action

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My little "center console" beater.


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Cut my handgun teeth on revolvers. First firearms I bought were revolvers when I was in college, a 686 and a pair of ruger blackhawks (41 and 44). Then I got bit by the bottom feeder bug and horse traded for Smith and Wesson semiautos. The smoke wagon bug came back though when I was working in the only gunshop in town to get discounted ammo and the owner let me take a S&W Model 28 that came in used as a paycheck. Spent the next year tinkering with it in the back as he taught me the basics of revolver smithing.

Still got the model 28, and for awhile it was the only revolver I owned, then I inherited a Colt Agent from my wife's great aunt. Then I got the wheelgun bug bad and picked up another 686, a plus this time and worked it over. THe double action is super smooth and about 7 pounds with about a 1.5 pound single action. My wife heard me talking about a .22 revolver for practice and decided to suprise me at Christmas. Not knowing what she was looking for she picked up a model 48 cheap at cabelas. Turns out it had been converted to fire .224 harvey kay chuk jr. (basically a shorted .22 hornet round). I researched it a bit and found out it was an original conversion by him and not the firm that bought the rights from him, then went out and made my own dies for it with the help of some files and a grinder. Wife felt so bad about it being the wrong calibre she bought me a 617. And finally after running open sights for about half a year I picked up a 627 v-comp to turn into an open gun. And last but not least a 642 for an every day carry piece.

Now I looking around for a 625, a 4" 617 to turn into an open gun, a 610, and something in .41 magnum.

I got pictures posted of most of them in the Smith and Wesson thread.

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Been carrying an S&W Body Guard .38spl+p for several months and it's gotten me re-interested in wheel guns. Currently looking for an S&W Model 19 w/4" barrel. Had one years ago, let it get away.
Wheelguns.....Love them.
29-4, 5", .44 magnum - 1 of 500 made in 1989 for Hill Country Distributors

Smith and Wesson Round Butt Revolvers.

686 (no dash) 66-5LS, 60-18, 631-LS (no dash)
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Two single actions, Colt .45 Single Action Army. Ruger Single Six Convertible .22lr/.22mag. Three DA's. S&W Model 29, 44mag. Ruger Redhawk, 41mag. S&W Bodyguard, 38spl+p, the last being my every day carry.
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