Wheel gun to Glock...how the story started...

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  1. First firearm I ever owned- S&W 686 .357. Had it/fired it for 15+ years and enjoyed it.
    15 years later....

    On a birthday outting for my Father-in-law to the firing range, I thought I'd treat an old Marine (Nam era) to some trigger time at the local range.
    One cylinder full of .357's later, it was decided he didn't enjoy blasting my cannon downrange.
    Being somewhat familiar with semi-auto pistols (and the simplicity of Glocks), I ran back the the counter and asked to rent a Glock in .40cal and a box of ammo.
    Not only did my FIL enjoy shooting (and did quite well mind you) the rest of the day at the range, but I fell in love- not only with the lack of recoil compared to my wheel gun, but how well it worked/felt in my hand.
    Ten minutes after we ran out of ammo, and the smiles still stuck on our faces, I was in the gun store trading in my trusty, well-worn S&W...the barrel still warm from shooting.

    Three days later, a spanking new G35 was in my hands making all-new smiles. And holes in paper.:D
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    I used the S&W 686 for a few years before our dept. went to the Glock. Not bad for a wheel gun and I still have a crap load of those speedy loaders. They make for a great conversation piece!