whats your thought on the G19 as my first ever hand gun

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by jgarcia174, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. jgarcia174

    jgarcia174 New Member

    Hi guys I've done research up the wazoo and I'm considering a g19 as my first gun. What do you guys think?
  2. kimo

    kimo New Member

    That's what I got. Absolutely love it and couldn't be happier.

  3. jgarcia174

    jgarcia174 New Member

    I'm excited. I went to a gun shop an asked to see one an they told me "there sold out" I have to come back in 2 weeks. I checked other places but there $50 dollars more expnsive
  4. iRockGlock

    iRockGlock Well-Known Member

    Can't start out with a better pistol!
  5. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    Perfect pistol. Its my carry weapon. Love shooting this thing. Just watch what you pay, they are in demand so make sure you aren't getting price gouged. Stay away from big shops. Bass Pro being the main one. They hire idiots at their gun counter that don't know what they're talking about and charge tons more than any gun shop does for every gun I've ever looked at before.
  6. larry

    larry New Member

    Just bought one here in SoCal for $520 (that was $50 off). The store (turners) seems to have ample supply.
  7. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    Just think of the $50 as a special overnight shipping charge, and go pick it up (j/k) :D
  8. Trotac

    Trotac New Member

    I think that is best choice you ever could of made... Congrats on the new pistol. Now just shoot the heck out of it!!!
  9. chadsaalfrank

    chadsaalfrank New Member

    Its a great first choice in my opinion!!! Can't go wrong with a 19! Food for thought tho.... 23 and buy the 9mm barrel and the you can shoot .40 or 9mm in the same gun.... just something to think about!
  10. iamthedood

    iamthedood The dude: "This aggression will not stand, man."

    I love mine ( paid $539 for a gen4)
  11. Tillerman

    Tillerman New Member

    I love the Glock 19 paid $398 for it brand new! With 3 mags
  12. BarrySagittarius

    BarrySagittarius New Member

    Bought my glock 19 gen3 off a friend a little under a year ago for $300! He shot it at the range once so basically brand new. Just got done putting on some Meprolight night sights. I love it!