Whats your carry 9mm ammo??

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  1. john31125

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    Hello iam trying to decide between fed hst 147s win ranger 127+p+ or gd124+p any one know witch one i should pack. Thanks
  2. I carry Federal Ball Ammo or Remington Home Defense Rounds

  3. NvRBanArms

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    I have 124g HST's in my sig226 9mm
    230+p HST's in my Glock21
    Gold dot 147g in my berettaM9
    Winchester 165g PDX1 bonded in my Glock27
    hornady crit defense just laying around. Don't like those because the polymer tip give feeding issues. I'll probably blow them off at the range next visit.
    When I find more HST. I will get a few for all my calibers. I like those. Every ballistics test I've seen with them satisfy me. And they mushroom out great.

    For range though. Just whatever brass ammo is the cheapest.
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  4. the_mule

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    Hornady Critical Defense.

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  5. whiskeyx89

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    I've been carrying Winchester ranger 147g, but I'm partial to gold dot 124g +p. Tbh only reason in price $30 for 50 rnds w ranger or $22 for 20 rounds gold dot. I'd still carry gold dot if it were available.

    I load zmax in my bedstand just for kicks.
  6. Blades

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    Welcome to the forum "john31125"!

    Of the bullets you listed, go with the Federal HST 147gr.

    More information can be found HERE.
  7. Levelcross

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    Very good info Blades thanks for the link.
  8. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

    Anytime, your welcome.
    I'm glad there is someone out there investigating all the bullets. Makes it easier for me to decide what to purchase and use to defend myself and family.

    After reading this article about the Hornady’s Critical Defense Handgun, I'll wait for the Critical Duty round, or something from the other article.