What's your caliber of choice and why?

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  1. fls348

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    So I like others points of view on this....

    I've been a LEO for 14+yrs now and have carried a 9mm for the past 9yrs. We're regulated by our Dept. to only carry 9mm's, however after everything I know and all the things I've seen, given the opportunity I don't know I'd carry anything else.

    Here's my logic, keep in mind I'm NOT trying to sell anyone on this; I carry a G19 off duty, perfect size IMO. I've been in the mix a few times and know what it's like when someone is actually shooting back at you. Shots get thrown and bullets go quick. I want the absolute most rounds I can get in the size package I'm carrying.

    I'm also not buying in to the whole "45 has more knock down power" BS, I've seen ppl that have been shot with a 45 multiple times and lived, not once not twice, I've seen it several times. Personally I'll take a well placed 9mm over anything that's just flying in the general direction.

    That being said what's your caliber of choice and why? I'm not looking to change my mind, I'm fairly confident on where I stand but I do like hear another perspective and why they think it.........
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    I like the .40 cal, I carry the G-22. My choice on the .40 is it is a great in the middle caliber. Ammo is easy to find and not to pricy for range time. Shot placement means everything.

  3. First an for most I have never been shot at or shot at someone but I do like the .45acp round. That's why I have a glock 21. It has to have some kind of man stopping power to with stand over a 100 years of use and seen multiple conflicts in the worlds history but that is just me tho. The biggest I have shot is the .50ae round and I prefer that but its a little to powerful for self defense. :p

    As with any caliber tho, shot placement is key. A .22 can be very deadly if you place it right. :)

    Edit: don't mean to come off that the .45 is the king of all calibers, its just what I like :)
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  4. fls348

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    Let me clarify something; I don't dislike the 45, I think it's a good caliber. I just get a little tired of the whole 45 is the end all be all of calibers. I own a 45 myself, I just feel that for carrying I want the most amount of bangs I can get in the size package I'm carrying. And no I don't carry an extra mag on me and that would change a thing in my opinion.

    Support Gunner I wasn't referring to you at all I was talking more in general, sorry I should have been more clear.
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  5. iRockGlock

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    I completely agree with you! G17 is my home defense gun. I also like the 40sw for concealment
  6. I like the 40's myself and i carry a G23 which is same size as your G19 and i agree it's the perfect size (at least for me) i give up a few rounds with the 40 caliber but like that it's got a lil more punch then the 9 but not so over powering like the 45.I also have a G36 in .45 but like my 40 better.
  7. sheepdog

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    40 cal perfect all around caliber
  8. MassiveDynamic

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    40 cal is my preference, with 45 in a close second, and 9mm 3rd. Like the above poster stated, its a perfect all around caliber imo.
  9. Grabber GT

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    Fav caliber

    9mm for the price...22 for entertainment. We live in a small town where you can leave your car and home unlocked. Almost like Mayberry. Home protection may be a consideration in all of this but it's not the reason we shoot. It's the one thing that my whole family have in common. 3 daughters, son-in-laws and friends.
  10. .40...(Glock 23) packs alot of power, standard capacity mags arent skimpy like .45's, not dainty like a 9mm. Just an all around great round!
  11. heandc

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    The 9 is ok, like 45acp better but the only go to gun for everything for me is the 10mm Auto. It has more power than either and I can hit with it. If you cannot shoot with your weapon of choice then you drop back to a 9 and practice until you can.
  12. My favorite is the 9mm. I really like the .40 and the .45, but the 9mm is just a little more affordable for me.
  13. jonm61

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    I started out with .40 and I still carry it often. It was the issued caliber for every department in the county at the time. I started carrying 10mm a couple of years ago, same size bullet with more power behind it. How can you go wrong? :)

    I'm in the process of changing over to .45GAP because the 10mm's getting to be too hard on my aging hands. I love the round. I think it's easier to shoot than .40, matches or exceeds .45 ACP ballistics, but fits in the same size grip as the 9/40. I've never and don't intend to ever carry anything smaller than .40. I remain fully in the bigger is better camp when it comes to both caliber and bullet weight. If I could shoot a .50 out of a reasonably sized gun and with reasonable recoil, I'd take it.

  14. Ghost23

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    Check out Guncrafter Industries .50 GI conversion barrels for G20/21, and will fit both SF and full size models. Ammo is kinda scarce, but with a little looking around, you can find it for around your average 10mm costs for the 300gr. FMJ and TMJ. Its a sweet deal.
  15. I like them all but I carry the 19, used to be 23 until i woke up.

    I think this vid says enough about shot placement...........

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  16. glock26USMC

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    I agree 100 %, im regulated by my department to carry a G21 (45 ACP), however off duty i carry a G26 and home defense i have a G19 ( and a Remington 870), however i prefer the 9mm for shot placement and firepower..... Like you said i have seen in my LEO career individuals get shot with a 45 and keep it movin, i do not get into "you have to have something with a 4 in it to be effective" BS !!!!

    My caliber of choice, when it goes south is YES a 9mm Center Mass !!!!
  17. Kmurray96

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    Carried .40 Cal for almost 20 years on/off-duty. .38 +P wheelguns for 4 years before that. After a day at the dept. range doing a requal with the .40, it's a sore hand and tylenol time for the old man.

    OD at my range, I shoot .380, 9MM and .45 in the same session...no problem. Age and arthritis is starting to catch up to the old dog. Switched to the 9MM first (G19C), then followed that up with a .45 ACP (G36). I also carry a LCP .380 in the summer time.

    Now, the itty-bitty ol' Ma, flat out doesn't like the .45. And if, in fact, it ever happens that SHTF does occur, we can bug-out carrying a lot more 9MM than .45 and at a lower price.

    .45 vs. 9MM? Might make a difference on a bears skull, but as far as two legged varmints are concerned...if I can see it, I can hit it. If I can hit it, I can drop it.

    So, this August, just before I pack it in and call it a career, "Presto, Shazaam!" like Glock magic, the G36 is going to become a G26.:D
  18. glock26USMC

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    Excellent Choice !!!
  19. Tys 4x4

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    I'm torn between 9mm and .40. Have and carry both. Don't think I could pick one or the other..
  20. Kmurray96

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    Oh, BTW, I still have the G19C. That's the itty-bitty ol' Ma's attitude adjuster.

    If you're lucky enough to get past that rat terrier alert dog (that can hear a rat pissing on cotton :D), the next thing you're gonna' meet is some bug-eyed ol' lady sticking a nite-sited G19C up your snot locker.:eek:

    Chances are you're going to have a bad night there, Beudro!