What's you favorite full sze holsters for CC/OC?

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by gunforhire, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. I have a custom paddle holster for my G22C. fbi cant and I like it. i will post pics soon, but I wanna know, for us that rock out with our glock out, what's your favorite holster and method of carry?
  2. Levelcross

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    For OWB I like my Blackhawk CQC, for IWB I love my crossbreed style holster for my G-22 and 1911 or my SP 101. Carry anywhere from 3:00 to 4:00-ish.

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    I have a glock 37 and was wondering also what would be a good IWB? Or would it be better to use an OWB with this size weapon?
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    Personal preference and body type determine this. You will need to wear a cover garment with an OWB, but it would be super-comfortable. An IWB may work for you, but it may not. This is a hard question to answer basically.
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    I figure its almost impossible to carry my glock around comfortably. I love the glock but its really wide and full sized. Tons of fun to shoot at the range. That is why i purchased my J-frame revolver. Possible going to get another semi auto for concealed. Any suggestions?
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    @ambeck1, I'd consider a Kahr p series, and i'm trying to find info on the diamond back 9. I know they had issues with their 380 when it first came out but improved on it. As far as the original post, I own a G29 and carry it iwb with a comp-tac mtac. Most comfortable holster i've had. im 5'11 260 and wear it while i'm driving,or 12 hours at a time and sometimes forget i have it on. for a little less money look at Kholster, i've owned a couple of them and they are comfortable too and they have great customer service.
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    I use a Fobus while teaching or at the range....simple. On the street, its a Don Hume OWB basic black worn @ 4 o'clock. I have a holster guy at another forum that does tits-up work. Once he jigs up my G17 blue gun and finish's my holster, Ill unleash him onto the masses!!
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    Most anything can be concealed if you get the right setup for your body size/shape, my partner is a very small female who conceals her full size service weapon no problem at all. For me, my body type only really allows me to conceal with a IWB at the 11-1 o'clock positions, hence I carry at 12 o'clock. With my set up you cannot see my weapon even in gym shorts and a t shirt.

    Fine choices, I use a minotaur MTAC, which is very similar to the crossbreed, the only reason why i prefer the MTAC is that I have seen people draw their holsters accidentally with the crossbreed under stress.
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    I love my Blackhawk CQC Serpa, but for EDC and wearing OWB holster I still lean towards a simple Fobus. I like the Blackhawk more but the Fobus seems to sit tighter to the body and it's easier for me to hide.
  12. I recently bought an Uncle Mike's size 25 open-top Kydex for a Gen 4 Glock 21. Steer clear of this one. It's very difficult to set proper tension. I think the problem is the two flimsy tension setting screws. Once I get tension where I think I want it, it doesn't stay there. Next time I put it on, I'm adjusting again. Going to see if I can get my money back.