What's the most "accurate" sight for my Glock 21, 45 auto?

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  1. Matthew780

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    I have a Glock 21, 45 auto. I love the gun. I'm not having trouble being accurate AND fast with the gun and it fits and feels perfect in my hand.

    The only things I'd like to hone in on is maybe a slightly lighter trigger pull and the sighting system.

    The factory sighting system is fine and serves it's purpose, but when trying to "drive a nail", I find that the front sight has alot of "wobble room" in the rear sight. The white dot in front has plenty of spare room all the way around it when placed in the rear sight.

    My question is, is anyone familiar with a SIGHTING SYSTEM that is tighter in alignment than the factory sights. I'd like to have sights that are "exact" in knowing exactly where to align the target, maybe similar to "battle sights" that can be found for rifles.

    Thanks in advance everyone.
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  2. Matthew780

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    Shee-Lowie. I think I found my answer: Click Here!

  3. The most accurate sights are the ones you practice with.

    The problem with sights on a handgun as opposed to a rifle is that they can only be "true" within a certain range... IE... if you set them to be accurate at 20 feet... they will be off at 50, and vice versa.
  4. Matthew780

    Matthew780 Very Sensitive Guy (^;)

    Roger that, Voodoo.

    I think I'm going to give those XS Sights a whirl though. Looks danged interesting.
  5. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    Personally, I like the Advantage Tactical Sight.

    I tried the XS but it wasn't to my liking. The dot is .. well .. too big for me. :)
  6. Matthew780

    Matthew780 Very Sensitive Guy (^;)

    Thanks, man! Checking them out as we speak.
  7. series11

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    Hey that is a interesting find. I'll have to look more into that. I am not too sure about the ATS sights though, but I think practice with the sights you feel comfortable with is best.
  8. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    My vision is such that I'm on the borderline for requiring bifocals.
    I have a hard time focusing on my sights. That's why I went with the ATS..

    Here's an example of proper sight alignment with the ATS. Your focal point is the top of the triangle.


    Now here's an approximation of how I see them: (the reality is, the sights are a tad blurrier for me but the colors stand out just fine, the triangle/pyramid shape is easy for me to judge even when my vision start to go blurry, and (as series11 suggests) I practice practice practice. ;) )


    I apologize for the poor photo quality but I hope it helps.

    Oh, and one other reason I use them: I can see the general shape of the pyramid much better in low ambient light conditions (i.e when using a flashlight) much better than standard notch and post style sights.
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  9. Tape

    Tape New Member

    I liked the Hi-Vis so much I purchased one for each of my glocks (4ea)
  10. guardian1881

    guardian1881 New Member

    like those sights oddball, where can i find them
  11. Matthew780

    Matthew780 Very Sensitive Guy (^;)

    Don't know how I missed this...

    Thanks OddBall... Those look very interesting, indeed.
  12. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    Advantage Tactical Sight

    Back to the OP:

    Lighter trigger pull can be achieved by installing a lighter trigger connector such as: 3.5-4.5 lb Ghost connectors; and a heavier trigger spring. Personally, I have the 6lb trigger spring, Lone Wolf Ultimate Trigger Stop and flat face trigger installed on my 30SF. My trigger pull feels a touch lighter than stock, somewhere around 4 lbs.

    As with any sighting system, it'll take practice to get used to them. If you're looking to mimic rifle sights, you might want to consider the ghost ring set up like these:

  13. Matthew780

    Matthew780 Very Sensitive Guy (^;)


    Thanks Oddball. That was right on time! I appreciate it!
  14. Tape

    Tape New Member

    I have a XS Sight mount for my winchester '94 and the quality is tops, if these sights are as good as the mounts then I say no worries. I have hi-vis on all my glocks so I am done shopping for sights for the glocks but good luck to those searching. I also like the Advantage Tactical Sight as well.
  15. Matthew780

    Matthew780 Very Sensitive Guy (^;)

    I've been looking at the Advantage System as well. The more I look, the more I like.
  16. skydivermn

    skydivermn New Member

    Excellent! But what's the verdict?

    Yeah! I've been looking for a replacement for my G21SF sights. While I shoot very well with it, I'd like to get into more precision shooting and the originals just won't cut it anymore.

    Thanks for the info, it's been very helpful but what's the general consensus with those that picked up a new sight system? I'd be curious to hear a quick review and your thoughts. Thanks!

  17. DakotaGlockGuy

    DakotaGlockGuy Polymer Artist

    Defoor Tactical Sights...

    I've had experience with both the XS Big Dot sights, and the "Standard" dot XS sights. As far as "Driving Nails" go, neither of these worked for me. Even the smaller standard dot obscured the target.

    That said, let me show you one of the best kept secrets AND my all-time favorite set of sights:

    Defoor Tactical Sights

    I have these on my G30SF and they are accurate enough for me to shoot bulls eye pistol with them. I've tried a bunch of sights, but these are hands down the best sights for me, and I will put NOTHING else on one of my Glocks except these sights!
  18. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    Check out Speed Sights... Awesome!

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  19. TM23_co

    TM23_co New Member

    Another vote for speed sights.

    I've had mine for almost 2 years.
  20. I just replaced the XS BigDot sights on my G29 with the Speed Sights and the Speed Sights are very fast on target and I believe more accurate passed 10yrds.