Whats in your kit?

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  1. Hello all,

    I have recently been through the armorers class and would like to put together a box with enough parts/tools to keep the guns running in the field. What, and how many of what, should I throw in there?


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    the armor's course taught me that GLOCK's don't break !:D

    RSA's are a must, extra pins, pin push tool, extra mags, sights, the rear slide cover that has the "slot" cut in it would be ok to have, extractor ( I have heard of one case of the lip on it breaking).

    hhhmmmm, IDK the only issue I have ever had with a GLOCK (and I have had several), I had an OE (plastic) front sight come off in the feild but there was no shame for it as it was original on a 13 year old G30.

    GLOCK work mat, oil, cleaner, dry tooth brush, latex gloves, jewelers loupe mags mags and more mags and some ammo !

    With only 33 parts you could throw a replacement of all from all calibers for pretty cheap, but there's not really a need.
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    I've only seen the trigger spring break, but I keep a set of all small parts for my Glocks. They are cheap insurance. The best parts kit is a spare gun though.
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    I agree, Two is one & one is none.