What watch do you wear?

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  1. I wear a watch literally 24/7. For me it is my "blacked out" military Casio G-Shock. Been wearing it for years. When I'm not using this one I rock my DiveX.

  2. brannon67

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    Luminox all the way.

  3. iamthedood

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  4. Breitling chronomat Evolution... Not at all cheap to buy or repair but I love it... gotta love wealthy family members.

    Its funny because Im wearing a $.50 black and yellow paracord bracelet today but here is a pic of my model. I have a metal band on it now though... I mod everything...anyone wanna buy a leather Breitling band?

  5. unit44justin

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    A $20 Casio from Target.. My watches never stay pretty for very long, so I refuse to pay $200 for something nice that is just going to get beat to hell in a couple of days anyway.

    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    For coaching and everyday sport, Timex Ironman. For triathlons, Timex HRM. For fun, an iPod Nano touch with a pop-in strap. In reality, my EDC is my iPhone. There's almost always a clock everywhere I go in my day-to-day: laptop, dashboard, iPhone, home entertainment system, workstation, etc.


  7. JRiddle

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    My EDC is the citizen caliber

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  8. ^^ royale that is cool

    I cant rely on my phone for time, been wearing a watch far too long. Also i can wear a watch into jails and prisons and secure areas, can't do that with a phone.
  9. sgtglock

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    Timex Expedition. Takes a Lickin and Keeps on Tickin!
  10. SHOOTER13

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    Luminox Navy SEAL 3000 series...( the original circa 1994 )

  11. It was a present from my gf about two years ago. Hell, I'm not going to complain about a $500 watch haha

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  12. image-4032993140.jpg

    My EDC when safety rules allow. It's a pocket watch today.
  13. Nice!! I want Les Stroud's also that is a Tissot.

  14. kodiak

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    Suunto Vector for field duty, x-lander for casual wear. Very accurate watches.

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    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Timex Expedition, it has a digital compass and dual alarms. Comes in handy.
  16. sigpi11

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    Don't normally wear a watch unless dressing to impress. Lol

  17. dslmac2

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    I switch between the blue luminox 3000 and a Suunto Core All Black. I love the Suunto mainly for the Storm Alerts.



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  18. Kmurray96

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    I only wear when I'm at work.

    What do I wear? A Mickey Mouse watch of course.

    Why a MM watch? Because one day I was standing at the head of the tier and it was time for the inmates to lock-in for count. So, I'm tapping my watch and yelling out, "Yo! Mickey says, 'It's time to take it in'."

    With that, one of the wing's wise a**es yells out, "You ain't got no Mickey, bit*h." Well, he was right and it's not good to lie to inmates.

    Next day, same scene, same guy yells out the same line. This time I see who it is. I yell back, "Bet ya' a trip to the hole" He yells back the jailhouse, "Ar-ite". I held my arm up and turned my wrist so everyone could see.

    I looked at him and said, "Now go pack your s**t, you're outta' here!":)

    And sometimes, that's how things work in the big house.:D
  19. vwtechx

    vwtechx New Member

    I wear one of two bulova watches. This is my most recent one and my favorite

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  20. TheKraken

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    Fossil titanium watch.

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