What was your most dangerous toy as a kid.

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    This was the most fun and possibly the most dangerous. At 5 years old, I would take it up the hill and blast down the road in front of my house. After my third run, the neighbors ran to my parents and that put an end to my qualifying runs. I still remember the shocked looks on all of the adult’s faces and the cars in the ditches.
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    So I took an old used up tin of berry Skoal and filled it with crumbled up red velvet cake. Gave this to my grandson, told him to take a pinch and then put the tin in his pocket. I made a video and sent it to his mother. She called immediately ready to explode over tobacco use. Told her to check the tin when he gets home. :D:D
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  3. Bayou

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    When my son was a little kid he saw me dipping some Copenhagen and wanted some, so I got him a can of that stuff that is ground up beef jerky. It got me to thinking though; I don’t want my boys taking up this nasty habit, so I quit getting a dip in front of them and begged them not to ever start. They’re 23 and 20 now and still don’t dip or smoke, so I’m happy about that.
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    The REAL M80 firecrackers, not the imitations we have today. They were supposed to be equal to one quarter stick of dynamite.

    The 4th of July was always my favorite holiday. All year long I’d be looking for stuff to blow up on the 4th. I was a destructive little fart. I was always tearing something up.

    When I joined the FD they gave us classes on how to tear stuff up. (Forced entry and extrication) and paid us to do it for a living. What could be better than that?
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    Fireworks,not just the M-80's and ashcans,cherry bombs.Rocket and roman candle fights.My friend Ronnie had a bottle rocket go in his jacket pocket...which held 2 ashcans,dislocated his hip and gave him a gash worth 28 stitches.My friend Dennis had a half gross of bottle rockets in his waistband under his open flannel shirt,no tshirt a rocket fired at him set the stash off in his waistband,damned near wet ourselves watching him jump 3 ft in the air as each rocket hit his chin, 3rd degree burns from hi chin to his nuts.My friend Yuju was lighting M-80's with a cigarette in his mouth,M-80 in a sling shot,pull it back, light with the cig and let it fly.Well one "misfired" went straight up when it flipped out of the sling pocket.He grabbed it and tried to toss it,too late all his fingers except the thumb launched further that that M-80 did.
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  6. MyKey

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    M80s and propane bottles. Just saying for a friend...... and an 8000 acre playground.
  7. tgiv

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    Benjamin .177 rifle pump
    10 pumps will pellet through a 1x2 redwood fence @ 60-100ft
    Most targets will bullseye with only 4-5 pumps
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    Had a pellet in my upper back from a sore loser with a Benjamin after BB gun war games. Worked itself out after a couple of years.
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    LOL, had my share of those phone calls. Sad to say the girl poisoned them toward us. I don't like her a lot, neither does her brother. LostWife holds on to hope. Talk about a mothers love.