What upgrades are a must for a G30?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by troutman561, May 11, 2012.

  1. troutman561

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    I bought my G30 about a month ago and got an Ameriglo front night sight for it.. Is there anything else that is a must to make a stock Glock a safer/more reliable weapon? I am not bent on having to add anything but I was just wondering what everyone thinks.. It is my primary carry weapon if that will change any opinions.. Right now I carry it with a Uncle Mikes IWB holster.. I like it but would love a IWB holster that doesn't weight down my pants.. Any suggestions on that?

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I personally run an extended mag release and slide stop lever, just a comfort thing, not so much with function.
    As far as an IWB holster, look into the local vendors here (see Vendors Display forum)
    MikeP has a killer product, or you an look into Crossbreed Holsters.

  3. Hurricane460

    Hurricane460 Glock Doc..

    Extended Slide Stop Lever and a Extended Slide Lock.
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  5. Fact : most important thing is bullets and range time. Period!
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    Seriously though. Here is what you need:

    Holster from Defensive Holsters.
    Holster from Foxx Holsters
    Holster from Trojan Tactical Concealment
    Comp 1 Setup from Argyle Armoring
    Slide polishing from Twisted Monkey Customs

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    What MikeP said......
  8. iGlock

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    What MikeP said is an obvious :p but after that matter....

    What i have for my g30 is extended slide stop, extended take down lever, extended mag release, 3 piece chrome kit, ss guide rod, polished barrel, light/laser combo, and clip draw.
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    Yep. Exactly. Get efficient with it.
  10. troutman561

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    This is a given!

    Also, I am probably not going to polish anything up or do anything cosmetic. Since I am not a competition shooter I am not going to lighten the trigger pull or anything else up.. I dont want to have a premature firing happen in the heat of a draw if it ever comes to that. Is an extended slide and mag release necessary for a non-comp shooter?

    I really like the Crossbreed holsters and am thinking seriously about it after reading about their IWB holster..

    Mike P, I have read (maybe I read wrong) you also have some IWB holsters in the works or complete? Do you have any pics? I didn't see any on your site. I would prefer to support a site vendor if possible.
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    :facepalm: You can never have a premature firing if your finger is not on the trigger. Your finger should never be anywhere near the trigger while drawing and not on it until you have acquired your target and are ready to shoot. That being said and by your previous statement you need a lot, and I do mean a lot, of practice drawing your weapon and shooting. Not quick drawing but smooth and steady. Once you develop the muscle memory and good habits you will have nothing to worry about. I can honestly say that in the heat of battle and drawing my weapon I would not have my finger on the trigger until my sights are on target and ready to shoot. I've drawn my weapon once in the line of duty. I was a rookie 1 month out of the academy and even then I didn't have my finger on the trigger.

    Also, I forgot to mention this. In the "heat of the moment" there is no difference between 3.5lb pull and 5.5lb pull.
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    I agree that the finger shouldn't be on the trigger when drawing. I don't practice that. Perhaps I should have worded it differently. I don't want to have an "unintentional" or "negligent discharge" as the courts would put it. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the history of light trigger pull induced accidents a reason why the NYPD has a 12lb trigger pull? Correct me if I am wrong on that stat but I believe that's what I read when researching this subject. There are more reasons, mostly legal, but I am sure this would start a debate which has probably been beaten to death on this forum and I'm not aiming for that. I do appreciate all the suggestions thus far. Forgive all my questioning. I have carried since I turned 21 in 07' but never had the thought to modify until I got this Glock since they have such a wide array of aftermarket parts available.
  13. Blades

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    Plenty of dry fire practice at home.

    Welcome to the G30 Club!
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    My answer: Because New York is stupid.

    The real answer: NYPD went to the 12lb trigger because they thought 5.5lb "felt too light". They thought it should "feel like their old revolvers". There was no scientific or statistical reasoning behind it.
  15. scrubber3

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    True statement
  16. Blades

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    And the 12lb trigger is probably why they miss their target.