What trigger pull do you use and why?

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  1. I am looking to get the 3.5lb connector immediately. Just wondering what trigger pull everyone uses and why do like it? Personally, I'm not a big fan of the stock 5.5lb, but I know some people like a heavier pull and some people have the "Glock is perfect right out of the box" mentality too, so they don't change anything. Thoughts?
  2. Happysniper1

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    I, too, have the 3.5# connector in my G26. Trigger felt immediately smoother and seemed to reset shorter (I never checked the actual pull weight, though).

    Since it is my EDC, I do not think I will be doing anything to the trigger that would make it any lighter. Wouldn't want it to go off in a struggle before I wanted it to.

    But that's just me....

  3. Yeah I gotcha on that... but I just dont understand all the people who are 150% against changing ANYTHING in their Glock.... they make factory replacement parts for a reason lol
  4. jelder

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    For my cc I keep it at 5.5. With your connected your prolly gonna get around 4.5. Check out on YouTube 25cent trigger job. That will get you around 4lb to 3.5 lbs of trigger pull! But if this is you cc I wouldn't recommend making it to light as stated above
  5. I have seen some tests done from the factory, testing the trigger right out of the box and it can be as high as 6.5- 7lbs when it is supposed to be 5.5 stock. I would say to anyone reading this that they should test their pull first to see what it is really at with a trigger pull measure before they do any modifications.
  6. I have the standard 5.5 on my G17 and I recently put a 3.5 on my G26. They're both good.
  7. Webphisher

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    Stock trigger pull, I love the way it feels. Easy enough to pull back yet not so easy that I'm afraid of it feeling flimsy.
  8. jelder

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    Agreed!!!! I polish a few spots on mine. Makes its very smooth
  9. voyager4520

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    I haven't experimented too much. I have a standard connector in my Gen3 G23, and I tried a "dot" connector in my Gen3 G27. I like the dot connector, it's a tiny bit lighter and there's no hard wall right before the break. The only downside is that the reset is a little bit longer.
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    I did the polish job and feel a slight difference. Anyone have a link to a tool to measure pull
    On a side note: I have a 4th gen g26 and did the polish job as well. Although I only have 400 rounds through it and not one FTE or any issues, I called glock. I was able to have them send me the new RSA even though the 26 and 27 are not part of the recall. The tech also said if I have an armorer (he's calling this week) call they will send a new dot connector and ejector. Woo hoo. I'm going to try it at the range to see the difference.
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    I have a 3.5 in my 19 and the stock connector in my 26. Big difference! It gives you less tension and snap in the release and gives better double-tap shots in competition. I like it!
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    Nice avatar! I have a 95 GT, hence the screen name.

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    3.5lbs on both of mine, I feel it is the best trigger for me.
  14. I also use the 3.5 lb connector in both my 19 and 26. Seems to make followup shot more accurate, for me. Also both I use as carry guns. That is one of two things I do to each new Glock, the other is the extended slide release.
  15. Birddogyz

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    I have the 3.5lb in my 20, 22, and 34. The 19 that belongs to the wife is still stock.
  16. blueline72

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    I use the #3.5 connector, on my ccw guns and then for IDPA, I use a comp. trigger spring, skeltionized striker from the glock store and a comp. striker spring and a comp. trigger bar on my G35. It gives me a crisp reset and fantastic follow up shots.
  17. Happysniper1

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  18. does the skeletonized striker really do anything? I'm not sure what the purpose of it is...
  19. jelder

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    Helps with the reaction time of the striker. Helps you shoot faster. In all reality I don't think a average joe would b able to tell the difference! Just my thought on it.
  20. yeah I have seen it, but I wasnt sure about it I think Ill save the money and skip it lol