What to use in ultrasonic cleaner

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  1. What additve should I be using in the U/S cleaner when I'm cleaning my brass?
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    I believe HappySniper1 uses that type of cleaning equipment...

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    Personally, I use tapwater (my house has a filtration system) and Hornady Case Cleaning Formula.

    This is a concentrate, and I mix one capful with about 3 gallons of water; the instructions say 40:1 water to concentrate.

    It is available from MidwayUSA (and other online suppliers), here : http://www.midwayusa.com/product/71...ltrasonic-case-cleaning-solution-32-oz-liquid

    I am not certain what is available in AUS.

    I am also certain other cleaning solutions work, there are a couple of formulas for "make-it-yourself" cleaning solutions online, they just need some searching to find.

    What kind of U/S cleaner are you using?
  4. I use a small $20 one I got from the supermarket. Heard good things about it do for $20 I got one.
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    Have you tried using it to clean anything with just water?