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  1. Well after doing some thinking I decided to go ahead and make a purchase. I wasn't going to make a thread about it until I have been to the range with it but what the hell.
    I just got home with my brand new Gen4 G23.


    They made me a nice deal I think so I went ahead and got it. Bad boy feels good. Looks good. I'm happy with it. I was trying to get a hold of Cabelas all last week about a Sig P229. They said they were going to have to order it. 4 phone calls I made to them and they couldn't even get me a freaking price. This morning I get a call saying Mr. XXX your P229 is here for pick up. I'm like ***, oh ok, well how much is it? Guy told me $950. Thought about it for a hour. I was like screw that I'm going to get my Glock.
    So here she is.
    She did come with 3 mags but the third one is behind me in the pic loaded.
    I may go ahead and get the P229 later on this year but its hard to say. For that price I would like to get my first AR.
    Thanks to everyone for you help and input. You guys are the reason I went through with it. Thanks a lot.
    I'm Happy

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    Glad your happy with it, great gun!

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    AR's are fun! Sig's are nice! Either way, you win! Congrats on the new purchase.
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    I believe you purchased a better gun than the sig.
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    i havent bought or own a Sig since the sell off. i think it 2004 when they started using cheap parts. over priced now and are not the same that made them famous. i have switched to all my carry options being Glocks. i have carried them in various ways in different parts of the world and never had one problem. bad ammo is the only issue i ever came across. good choice on the 23, its my primary CC.
  7. Thanks
    Yeah she feels good. I know that.

    Thanks. I had a chance to shoot the P229 against a Gen3 G23. The Sig shot a lot better. I have never shot a Gen 4 G23 so i not sure how it shoots. Regardless the Gen3 was shoot good enough for me to like it. So I figure the Gen4 will be just as good or maybe better. As long as there isnt any issues ill be happy.