What other guns do you have besides glocks?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by Hef, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hef

    Hef New Member

    Just bought a spring field xdm 9mm and I must say its a great deal for the price I got it for 450.00 I couldn't pass it up

  2. lesfloyd

    lesfloyd New Member

    1911 colt. Like that Texas lawman said......"I carry a .45 because they don't make a .46" my Glock is a 30 sf.

  3. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    S&W 686 s/s .357 magnum w/ 4" barrel, a LCP and a Mossberg 590 Marinecote.
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  4. iamthedood

    iamthedood The dude: "This aggression will not stand, man."

    My Stag Ar & my mossy 500 my side arms = G L O C K
  5. GrubKiller

    GrubKiller New Member

    ARs, AKs, a couple 1911s, a couple older S&Ws and several revolvers including an LCR.
  6. bagozzi46

    bagozzi46 New Member

    A .357 mag, a 1911, a k98 Mauser, a 1903 Springfield, a browning a5 16ga, a mossberg 500, a mossberg 88 maverick, an old .22 from like 1950, and an old bolt action 10ga that's older than dirt. My dad may be bringing home another Mauser from his mothers house this week.
  7. bagozzi46

    bagozzi46 New Member

    Oh and my. G23c of course...
  8. TheKraken

    TheKraken Surviving Covid-19 Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    Browning high power 9mm, Remington 30-06's, Remington 22caliber rifle, Winchester 30-30's and some Remington shotguns.
    Also a Benjamin pellet gun and Bear compound bow.
  9. Cruizer

    Cruizer G17 G19

    My humble little Taurus 85 Ultra-Lite.

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  10. rexg23

    rexg23 New Member

    I also have colt delta elite to go along with my glock
  11. dizzleink

    dizzleink New Member

    My wife has a Ruger LC9 to go with her Gen4 G22. I have a Mossberg 500 to go with my G19 and G23.
  12. Besides my three glocks... I have a S&W M&P 15 Sport
  13. glocknloaded

    glocknloaded Click Click Boom Supporter

    My trusty new G 17 and a AR build under way. Pick up my lower today, upper receiver and lower parts kit on the way :)
  14. I have more then this one but this one is my favorite:

    Mark XIX .50ae with the 6 inch barrel, my wife lol:p


    I'm working on getting the other parts so I can shoot .357 and .44 mag all so.
  15. Old lady rocks a Ruger LCP and I have my right arm and my left arm too. Do those count?
  16. Besides the 4 Glocks I currently have:
    Springfield Armory 1911 A1 (newly purchased),
    Springfield Armory M1 Garand,
    WASR 10-AK47,
    Ruger 10-22,
    Romanian M1969 .22 bolt action training rifle,
    5-Mausers (Chilian 1898, Czech Brnu VZ24, K98k, 2-Yugo M48),
    4-Mosin/Nagant (1891/30, 1942 hexigon receiver not sure of model, M38, M44),
    Hungarian Mannlincher/Steyr M95,
    French Mas M36,
    Enfield No.1 Mk.3,
    Enfield No.4 Mk.2,
    Ruger SP101 SS revolver,
    Ruger Standard Model .22 auto pistol (looks similar to a Luger),
    Davis P-32 .32 semi auto,
    Colt Woodsman .22 semi auto,
    Mech Tech 9mm Carbine w/ Glock G17 Gen3 frame,
    Kel-Tec PF9

    I think thats it. :D
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    My Para Ordnance...