What knife do you carry?

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  1. I have always believed that every man should carry a knife, especially if he (or she) carries a gun. I carry a BOKER every day of my life. I call it the key to the city, because it has never met a dead bolt or door it couldn't defeat. I have carried it for so long I walk weird if I forget it.

  2. current EDC blade is a Kershaw Leak.

  3. I don't all way carry a knife on me nor do I CC (i live in Illinois, nuff said lol) but when I do need a knife on me I all ways carry a cold steal recon tanto knife. I would like to carry my 13 inch kukuris I got hand made from napal but they are kind of hard to conceal.
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    Got this from amazon. Its a spring assted knife. Gets the job done.

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  5. My everday is a plain ol Gerber Chameleon!

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  6. thats a cool box cutter haha
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    I generally carry one of two S&W knives. I think it's the Border Guard model, but when I Google that they seem to have been redesigned. One of them's in the car and the other's around here somewhere. Both are spring assisted and I paid a whole $15 for them at a gun show :). They're really good knives, especially for the price.
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    I've been carrying a CRKT Model M16-04Z for a couple of years.

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    Buck Tempest skeletonized frame. All metal

  10. Globe I envy your collection my friend. Especially the first knife in post 13.
  11. I've never found much the knife in my Gerber multitool or my Victorinox Swiss Army knife couldn't do. To me, a knife is about the most worthless of weapons.
  12. I have a very nice multi tool, but I have too much in my pockets already it just isn't comfortable. I have my wallet in one with my knife clipped in aside it, my cell phone, the 19 on my side or in the front, and i hate things in the back pocket because it makes me uncomfortable.
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    thanks nukinfuts29, I picked that up on ‘Close-Out’ for $20 from here >>> CRKT M16®-14ZSF Special Forces, and I really like the CRKT® products; these (2) are their Shenanigans™ models; they were given to me by a Sales Rep, at the 2011 SHOT Show, along with a few others.


  14. I used to have about 25 SOG knives but my place was broken into a few years back and now, not so much. Just a handful of misc confiscated and found knives (I'll have to snap a pic of my fav tonight) and my Boker.
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    Kershaw Blur Tanto. It's the Glock of knives. Fast, simple, and durable. Best knife I've ever owned and it was only like $60