What i've done to my G27 gen 4

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  1. So far I have done a few things to my G27. I put on a set of Truglo TFO night sites, a grip plug that I can still use my back straps, Glock extended slide release, Glock magazine extender (3 of them), a tungsten guide rod with a (22lb) spring, I polished the barrel, all the pins, slide release, and take down lever. Took awhile to do it all. I had to do it all by hand. Used a lot of elbow grease. I use 40 S&W Hornady Critical Duty 175 gr with the Flexlock. Share what you have done to make you weapon stand out.

    Excuse the smudges on it. I had to keep standing it up. Was hard to keep it all the way clean.









    That's some nasty ammo there.
  2. Looks great!!! I'm really starting to dig the polished barrel.

  3. Thanks me too. Kinda breaks it all up some. Barrel still needs some finishing up but it's turning out rather well. I'm happy with it.
  4. Gonna paint the slide at all?
  5. I have thought about it, but I'm not sure on what color yet. White looks good, I'm looking to be different since there is so many white ones.
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    Good lookin' work there, Jack! +1
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    Looks good. Same thing I did to my two glocks. 30 and 22. I need a new glock do I can spruce it up some!!



  8. black and yellow FTMFW!!!
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    Looks sharp, nice pics
  10. Thanks you all. Not bad for a iPhone, I was bored and decided to take some pics. Which is better? Auto touch up or nail polish? I'd look better standing in the auto paint aisle that the nail polish aisle and having to explain why I'm looking at nail polish.
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    White French manicure nail polish works the best for white lettering the glock. I tried auto touch up paint as well. Use 3 coats, let each one dry and use non acetone polish remover to take off the excess.
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    Nice work there, gentlemen!
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    I did my G21 the same way... Now the significant other wants me to do her 9mm, lol.