What is your dream gun?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by iGlock, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Thought i start a thread on our "dream" guns...

    For me at the moment it would be an FN57, desert eagle in .50ae, and a custom glock23 od frame with the rtf2 slide and extras with it of course :)
  2. G17XJ_BS

    G17XJ_BS New Member

    Glock 18, would love to own one but that will never happen. So I want to at least shoot one.

  3. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Ya if i can own a g18 then it be on my list too but cant :/
  4. Grabber GT

    Grabber GT New Member

    I really am not familiar with everything out there but an STI or Para 1911 would make a nice addition to my collection.
  5. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Wouldt mind having a real one.
    glock 1911

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  6. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    O-o-o-o yeah! MAC-9

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  7. Steelharp

    Steelharp New Member

    I dream of Glock making a 9mm carbine...
  8. I all ready have one of my dreams guns and that is a Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50ae. My next three dream guns would be a Barret M82A1, AA-12 shot gun, and the MG42:D.
  9. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    Mine are simple. ANY OD glock, one of the precision FN .308 rifle the FBI uses, a SBR AR-15 with a suppressor, a winchester sx3 (I think) 12 gauge with a tube extension to get 10-12 rounds, a single stack 9mm Glock, and did I mention any OD framed Glock?
  10. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    I want a gen3 od frame with a g23 rtf2 slide. :)
  11. GAgal

    GAgal Well-Known Member

    I would love to have a 26. And a Henry Rifle for the hubs.
  12. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    I want a HK USC; shot one at a range it's SOOO much fun! I would love a MP5 clone in 10mm and one in .40. The new Keltec Shotgun and their .308 bullpup. I'd love a real HK G3, but I'll probably end up with a PTR 91. FN SCAR Heavy (.308). There's a longer list, but that's all I can think of at the moment.
  13. iRockGlock

    iRockGlock Well-Known Member

    My dream gun would be a Sig Sauer P226 equinox in 357SIG
    I love the 357sig, it's so loud, but damn is it expensive
  14. Boracay

    Boracay ʎ ɐ ɔ ɐ ᴚ o

    Magpul FMG9

    My carry dream gun!!!


    ....but I guess I don't have to wake up then :(
  15. Grabber GT

    Grabber GT New Member

    Dream Gun

    A Glock shot gun!
  16. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    How about a Glock AR? :eek:
  17. american lockpicker

    american lockpicker New Member

    Benelli nova or supernova. ;)
  18. sgtsjj

    sgtsjj New Member

    id say a Springfield M1A SOCOM 2, and an M1 garand would be the dream guns for "long" rifles, and for pistols probably a Glock 23 and 21, and of course a Taurus judge :)
  19. Angry_Dave

    Angry_Dave is being censored

    I've always wanted a Ed Brown "Special Forces" 1911, for a shotgun I want a Benelli, and for rifle I want a Rock River. And there is a 1917 colt 1911 I have been dreaming about here at local shop for a while now too.