What is the best sites for a righty that is left eye dominant?

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    Searched the sites forum to see if this question was asked. Unfortunate for me it wasn't. I recently polished my g19 slide and thought new sites were needed. I carry and shoot at the range with it. I was thinking xs big dot but, being left eye dominant I keep thinking I need adjustable to bring the site over to my left eye. HELP! It's frustrating. I can shoot lefty but it's uncomfortable. I keep thinking just go lefty. If there is away to keep the Glock in my right hand and have sites to compensate I would love to hear it. Thanks all.
  2. Any sights out there should work. I am right handed and left eye dominant and all I do (with hand gun in right hand) to line up my sight is simply turning my head (while my right eye is squinted a little) and line the sights up with my left eye.

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    You shouldn't need to change your sights, just your body position. Close your right eye and/or put on an eyepatch or tape a card to your right lens, and just go try to shoot normally. I just need to tilt my head to the right a bit to get on target with my left eye.

    Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_Axis_Relock


    At 0:40, he shows how with a right hand grip, your right eye is partially blocked, and you use your left eye for aiming.

    This video shows it in a little more detail:
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    Great info! I'll have to try this out at the range!
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    Let me know how it works out for you. I've tried out a few of the stances, haven't really worked them into my repertoire yet. Shooting from the chest, I haven't yet gotten used to the muzzle blast hitting my support arm. Feels a little odd.
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    Thanks for the videos. I gotta tell you I have been shooting for a long time and never really had this problem. Although I always had a scope (sniper army LRSD) or a shotgun with both eyes open. It just seems I shoot better lefty with fixed sights. I will give these a go this weekend. I guess I will go with xs big dot like I wanted.
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    Ya I'm going to try this out over the weekend too!
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    Well, they point to dual-sight picture as just one small aspect of CAR. I don't know - I've never been trained in it, I just thought it would be useful for cross-dominant issues, since it relies on aiming with the eye opposite your strong side.

    Sorry, I don't know of any sights that offer benefits specifically for right-hand/left-eye dominance. I can't even think about what benefits *could* be offered. Maybe some sort of prismatic sight set could like like a white dot to the left eye, but be some other color to the right eye.

    I like the stronger weapon retention characteristics CAR offers. Tucking the gun in close like that makes it a lot harder to take it out of the fight or have it turned around on you. But, it does seem limited to very close range only. With the gun that close to my face, the gap between the rear sights appears very wide, hard to center the front sight. With it canted like that, trajectories at longer ranges will be all jacked up.
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    @rival C.a.r is great. It's really close range app but really can't wait to try it! It turns out I put the trijicon sights on and a gunsmith bore sighted it to zero. I took it to the range used a little canter like in car with a "Wallace" stance ( I think) tilled my head to the right and shoot righty over my left eye. At 20ft I put 15 rounds in a 4" group. I am happy. Maybe I was just the unlucky on and all my Glocks were never zero'd? Anyway they look pretty good in super low light too. Thanks so much for everyone help.

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    If your sights weren't zeroed, you should have had tight patterns somewhere other than the bullseye. If your patterns were loose, you might have a glitch in your sight picture, grip, trigger pull, breathing, stance... Seems like something happens to just about everybody from time to time.

    If you suspect the gun, see if you can have someone else shoot it. If their patterns match yours, the problem is the gun. If their patterns are a lot different, the problem is likely something you're doing.

    I had a weird problem for awhile - my aimed patterns anywhere from about 15 feet to about 40 feet were nearly identical - I couldn't get a good grouping even up close. Then I switched from 9" black targets to 9" targets with a 1" black center. Suddenly, my groups up close tightened up while my distant groups stayed the same.

    What was happening was I wasn't centering the front dot between the rear dots (3 dot night sights), I was trying to center the front post in the gap in the rear sight. At 15 feet, the black circle offered no contrast, so I was concentrating on a black post in a black gap against a black backdrop, and was effectively guessing when I was on target. Moving out, the target seemed to get smaller and smaller, giving me more and more white background for contrast.

    Shooting into a white target, I was measuring the gaps between each side of the front sight and the rear sight and ensure they were equal. After I realized what I was doing, I started concentrating on the dots instead of the post and gap and my patterns started tightening up quite a bit. Just switching target styles helped me figure out what I was doing wrong.