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What Is Length of the Glock Compacts (G19, etc)?

I need to know a few dimensions of the Glock compacts (G19, G23, G25, G32, did I miss any??).

I need to know the length from the front of the barrel that sticks a little bit out of the front of the slide back to the rearmost end of the small lip of the frame that juts out in back of and underneath the rear end of the slide. I attached a drawing and this dimension is shown in it as "L".

Also, the distance from the lowest part of the outside of the trigger guard to the very top of the slide. I attached another drawing and this dimensions is shown in it as "H".

Finally, the distance from the outside of the slide on the left side over to the outside of the slide on the right side (in other words, the width of the slide-ignore any buttons or levers that might stick out beyond the slide.

I'd appreciate it a lot if someone could measure that on his compact size Glock and post it.

I think some or all the dimensions listed on the Glock website may possibly be in error and that is why I'm asking this.

Please list which Glock models you measured. Measurements to the nearest tenth of an inch will be fine as best as you can eyeball it.

I'm trying to size up a holster. I can tolerate a little extra space in the holster, but not to the extreme.

Thanks again-I really appreciate your help..


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