What is Cerakoting?

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  1. Please forgive my ignorance but could someone tell me what cerakoting is and why someone would cerakote a glock? I saw where someone cerakoted a Glock and was curious what is. Thanks for your help.
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    It's simply a special paint coating that's used on firearms. it's not a regular paint tho, it's durable and heat resistant. There are a couple of different options for guns: Gunkote, Duracoat, Cerakote, etc. Some require baking in order to be applied. Sticking to a guns factory finish is your best bet
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  3. GunnerGSP

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    One of our forum vendors does Cerakote finishes. Check him out at Argyle Armoring.


    Of course, he may come upon this thread and give us his thoughts on the matter.
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  4. Thanks for the information. I'm going to stick with my factory coating. I was just wondering what it was. I love the factory finish and wouldn't dream of messing with it. I really appreciate your help. Everyone on this forum has been really helpful. I'm new to Glocks and It's nice to be able to come here and get my questions answered. You guy's are awesome. Thanks again.
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    And here I am. Cerakote is the must durable and best finish for a gun on the market today. It is creamic based not paint based. It does bake to cure it but it doesn't take long. The guns you see from FNH like the SCAR or the Bushmaster ACR in tan are all cerakoted. You can scratch it and wipe the scratch right off. There are a multitude of colors available and I can have just about anything cerakoted.
  6. iamthedood

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    Do you use something different to coat the plastic frame of a glock? ( Or do you low-temp bake ) !?!??!:confused:
  7. Argyle64

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    Low temp bake. Like I said, it doesn't take long for it to cure into the metal or plastic. I can do air cure for certain things but standard Glock frames get a low temp bake. They can actually withstand a much higher temp than some people think. The frame can withstand temps around 400 degrees.
  8. iamthedood

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    I've always wondered if would it withstand years of holster wear & normal use ( not slinging it across the parking lot )
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    It holds up 100 times better than duracoat or gunkote.
  10. iamthedood

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    ever do paint for the slide?
    I was thinking about an od slide and a rare earth frame or something contrasting ...
  11. Argyle64

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    Yes. In fact, the OD green slide/frame with a FDE slide/frame is a popular combo.
  12. Argyle64

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    Here are some examples of what I've coated:

  13. Scorpion911

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    I really like those pics thanks for posting!
  14. SuperSport

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    AA what is the name of the color you used on the shotty? Do you do blueing as well?
  15. TheKraken

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    Also AA, how much would it cost to do my Remington 870? The one in your picture looks awesome!
  16. Wow Argyle, that is some nice work.
  17. Argyle64

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    The shotty is done in Burnt Bronze. It's almost as popular as the FDE. No, I don't do bluing, sorry.
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    How does that burnt bronze look on a Glock slide? I've seen an S&W M&P with that color and it looked incredible.
  19. Argyle64

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    It's actually dead sexy!!!
  20. Devinh2

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    @AA...Do you have a price sheet somewhere on here we can look at??