What Have You Acomplished In Life?

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    For me, was weight loss. After being dropped from the minor leagues in 2003, I went into Law Enforcement. This is where I gained a lot of weight. From 185lbs solid in college, to 277lbs. But this year did it for me! I've made my mind and set my goal... To go back to 185lbs, just like before.

    I wanted to share this with you guys because although we're different, come from different places and share different beliefs, we do have something in common. The love of guns and the US Constitution. If it even motivates ONE person, I'll be pleased. But just know one thing my friends... YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO!!!

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    Well...I worked 33 years for the DoD before retiring four years ago the 1st of April...

    My wife and I raised a fine young lady who will graduate Penn State with a degree in Psychology the end of May 2012,

    who lived at home those four years, and who does not owe one penny for a student loan, as we paid for everything...

    and who will walk right into a job with my wife sister's daughter who has an established practice not far from where we live.

    We live in a beautiful home that is paid for, in an upscale community with nice neighbors who wave hello

    instead of throwing you a finger...and we contribute our time and money to charities that help Wounded Hero Vets

    make the transistion from Military to Civilian Life. We all have our health and are proud to be American. I very happy

    with what my small family has accomplished...as we are truly blessed !!
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  3. DevilDawg235

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    That is awesome! May God keep sending such blessings your way and allow you to enjoy your family to the fullest!
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Thank you sir !!

    ...and well done on attaining your personal goal !!
  5. EvilD

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    Awesome! Keep it up.
  6. DevilDawg235

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    Thank you sir, I wont quit!
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    Not as much as I would've liked, but more than many. Fortunately, I still have a few decades to go. Or so I hope!

    I'll pick 5.

    1. Saved the life of a 14 year old after he fell 5 stories.
    2. Served my country.
    3. Took down a pedophile less than 15 min after the act.
    4. Achieved an annual salary, at 34, that exceeded my Dad's salary when he retired, by 20%. (He thought more of this than I did...he was 34 when I was born)
    5. With no hesitation, dropped everything and went to FL indefinitely when my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so that he could spend his final days/weeks/months at home instead of in a nursing home.

    There are many things I've yet to do and many more things I've done. For now, this is enough.
  8. I'm 27 and let's see..........ya i got nothing
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    Awesome man congratulations!!! I am kinda of in the same boat when I lived in Florida I was 200 lbs and moved to Cali and gained fifty pounds I have been slowly losing weight but I am I. My first year in business so I haven't been going to the gym like I want but I've still been cutting back on the eating but you have just inspired me to make more time :)
  10. glocknloaded

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    I am pretty young at 27 but so far I've-

    Escaped the slums of Florida with no high school diploma coming from a very poor family, I was raised by a single mother and outcasted by my dad after years of verbal and physical abuse. I at 21 packed my car and headed for California with just enough gas money to make it to San Francisco and know started my own construction company here and in the next 2 weeks will be celebrating my first year I business. I still plan on going back and getting my high school degree and adding that to my list:)

    Sorry for the sob story but it's mine so far...
  11. DevilDawg235

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    Wow great stories fellas!!! Keep 'em comin!
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    Great thread!
  13. Well i'm young at 28. My accomplishments don't sound like much to some but ya'll didn't know me in high school.

    Mended a pretty well non existent relationship with my father after 12 years of fall out.

    Met my wife who helped me quit drinking.

    Went back to school for emergency medical technician and passed the national registry.

    Going to school for law enforcement now.

    Biggest accomplishment of all my kids... Three boys and my pride and joy my daughter who is two now and when my wife texts me at work and says my daughter wants to talk to me it doesn't matter if I just had the worse day or the worse call of my career as soon as hear her say " hi daddy I love you, come home safe" I know everything will be ok.

    Like I said not much but it's my American dream
  14. glocknloaded

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    That's an American dream in deed.. Congratulations on all the accomplishments!!
  15. Thank you and same to you on all of yours
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    Sometimes the best dreams are the most simple, by this I mean you commented that you haven't done much but from what you have done I applaud you for your accomplishments... I Also am a state EMT in NY and I know how hard you must have worked for the national registry, to mend a relationship after years of fallout is amazing, and most of all it's great to hear about you and your wife working together to defeat an addiction... I have nothing but respect for you and also the others that commented on this thread who have accomplished things in their life that they feel are significant... No matter how big or small, they are all significant and I only wish to someday feel half of the pride that you all are presenting as I accomplish things in my life. I respect you all for your hard work and thank you all for sharing your life with us :)

    Also I want to mention its great that your children make you feel that way, they are amazing and I also pray that all public safety personnel always return home safely to kiss their children goodnight every night :)
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    So far.... I am 37 almost 38 here soon...
    Married my best friend. Married for 19 years so far looking forward to many more....
    Have 3 great kids
    Kept all 3 in private Catholic schools since pre-k
    Left El Salvador ( would probably be dead or worse by now)
    Survived a kidnapping / hostage situation
    Paid for my own higher education
    Bought our first home at 23 with a nice in ground pool
    Daughter is 18 and has not had boyfriend
    Daughter graduating high school this May and going to 4 year private Christian school with partial scholarship.( I take credit for my inspiration / scare tactics)
    Have been able to offer my wife the opportunity to stay home and be there for our children and it is reflected in our kids
    Have supported my wife through her BS in sociology
    Pushed my wife to go for 1 of 19 spots for master program in Couples/ family and children's therapy and she got in thousands applied. Starting this August
    Have bought three homes so far and sold 2
    Took my family to live in Panama for 3 years and 2 of my 3 kids are now fluent in English and Spanish
    Lost 35 lbs in 2011 from 192 to 161.
    Bought my first two Glocks this year
    Joined this forum where I have learned so much and getting to meet really cool group of folks.
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    Well my cv neighbor do your in construction as well I work as a superintendent for another company and am also licensed and own my own construction as well maby be we have more to compare notes on than just our love for glocks
  19. glocknloaded

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    Absolutely!! I couldn't imagine doing anything else it's all I've known my whole life but I fear the industry is headed the wrong direction craftsmanship is dying
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    Ahhh another Bay Area native