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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by armedmissouri, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. What happened to Twisted Monkey Customs?
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  2. dutchs

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    Unfortunately, TMC is no longer a vendor here at Glock Forum. Due to confidentiality issues, we can not divulge any further information.

  3. Dark Knight

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    Whers is the support for the return of twisted monkey custom

    Where is the member support for the return of vendor tweaked monkey customs?
  4. Man I'll be the first in this thread he's Duracoating my Sig Pro frame and barrel right now in Desert Beige greatest guy to deal with dealing with Steve man the decision might of been up to him though... He does quality work from what I have seen for sure at a great price!
  5. TxShooter

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    I have to be brief on what I can say as I'm sure this is headed down the legal path shortly.

    We stopped his advertising after a litany of issues were presented strongly lead by transactions that had nothing to do with his recent absence.

    While we take no responsibility for Vendors or your transactions with them we try our best to have Vendors whom we feel comfortable with their service and we felt this was no longer the case.

    Moving forward this will not be discussed but I can say with a guarantee that this Vendor will not be on here.
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