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    1. I would not be confused by personal, limited opinions nor vast experiences from gun store sellers.
    2. I would not be limited to Glock
    3. I would be attracted to a caliber & recoil & conceal ability more than a brand, most of which excel in some of these priorities and never others in their focus to compete in the marketplace
    4. I would spend a lot of time on Genitron.com doing research AFTER renting enough range guns to KNOW what level of recoil limits my ability to always make bullseyes
    5. Chuck Hawks and LuckyGunner.com Labs will help you with Stopping Power calibers to consider
    6. THEN when confused over a few remaining choices, before making a $600-1200 mistake, see if Hickock45 has a video on it - he's a down to earth non-salesman that picks through firearms giving you an up close feel for each

    Glock has too much superior competition these days in most calibers.
  2. Assuming that moving to a free state is not an option, and NY isn't going to "allow" you to have a carry permit anyway, then I think you might want the most power you can reasonably get in a 10 round magazine. .50AE is not reasonable, but how about a 10mm Glock 20? Nice big gun and full size grip and rail. Plus 10mm power.

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    I own the Glock 48 it’s been a great chose so far have had zero issues withit C14D7C3A-88A6-4A13-B786-9BABB30A9621.jpeg C14D7C3A-88A6-4A13-B786-9BABB30A9621.jpeg
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    The Glock 48 yes you can add a light

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  6. This post is too long. If you only like Glock, just skip it. I have a G19 Gen 3. It's plus features IMO are the full 3-finger grip, its overall size (for a 15 round magazine 9mm handgun), and its reliability. It is also a decent value, or at least used to be (I don't know about now, if panic buying is still happening.) Its downside to me is unavailability of a manual thumb safety and a trigger that will leave a blister on my finger if I shoot it for several hours.

    In my case, I added a Cominolli aftermarket thumb safety, but I still don't like the trigger--or any striker pistol triggers with that little middle lever. Both of those drawbacks to me are fixed in the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact. I like the S&W trigger much better, and it is available with a thumb safety. Sig also now offers a thumb safety on its P320/M17 models, which have a better trigger than the Glock as well, IMO. Many people, especially here, will laugh about the manual safety, and for them they may be right. The U.S. military, though, has some experience with people of all types and skill levels, and will not accept a pistol without a manual thumb safety. Sig added the safety to get the U.S. contract.

    I have a friend who knows a guy (yeah, third hand story) who had his handgun taken away in a fight with a robber. The robber wasn't knowledgeable of his handgun's safety. While racking the slide, thinking there wasn't a round in the chamber (there was), he became distracted enough that his would-be victim ran away. Yes, he carelessly lost his handgun, but the safety may have saved his life. And we've all seen the video of the police officer inadvertently demonstrating "Glock leg" to a school classroom. I believe in some kind of actual safety on a carried handgun, for me anyway. You don't have to.

    As to the trigger, both the S&W and Sig smooth faced triggers are more to my liking. I don't have a striker fired Sig, but I do have a S&W Shield 9mm. I can't really justify buying the S&W Compact after I've put the Cominolli safety and TruGlo combination tritium/fiber optic sights on the G19. However, after the election, if Trump wins and the Republicans retain a majority in the Senate, I might just buy the S&W Compact, just 'cause. My other handguns are a Sig P227, Colt XSE, Springfield Armory XDM-45 (all .45acp) and a circa 1970 Ruger 22. For concealed carry I use the G19 or the S&W Shield, depending on conditions and how I need to dress. The Shield is great in a belly band, when I have to wear a suit, and it also has the TruGlo sights. Otherwise I like the 15+1 rounds in the Glock over 8+1 with the Shield.
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    Another consideration is whether or not you want an external safety.

    Most Glock aficionados appreciate NOT having an external safety.

    A nice compromise is the Springfield XD line because they have a grip safety much like a venerable 1911.
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    That little "middle lever" can be ground flush.

    Trigger mods for pull, pre-travel, and post travel can all be done.
    A Glock trigger can be anything you desire it to be.
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    The state ranges in PA require either a valid hunting license or a range permit for $30.00 hunting license is cheaper at $20.00 , without it you can be fined up to $100.00
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    Its all about your need to conceal.open carry,concealed carry,iwb carry,owb carry.you have to ask yourself do I have any need to "deeply conceal". The market is flooded in all in calibers and configurations if you can find one.the g19 is a gun you will never regret buying.keep doing what your doing and make a educated choice.Keep in mind of the scarcity and price of 9mm ammo.
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    External safeties are almost as bad as caliber debates, lol! At least on striker fired pistols it seems. It’s really personal preference. I don’t like them on striker fired Glock like pistols.
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    This ^^^^^ Glock 19
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    I totally agree. That’s why I carry a Glock almost 100% of the time. But when new to concealed carry an external safety sometimes helps people to feel more confident. I was just throwing up a consideration that might be worthy of thought. A XD / 1911 grip safety is the only style I would generally recommend considering.
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    I'm in California, and you're lucky to live in a state that even realizes that micro-stamping spent cartridges goes too far. Depending on your hand size, the Glock 19 is right in the of them. If you're looking for something meaty, definitely look into full frames, like a 17, 24, 34, 45, 19x(9mm). If you're not going to be able to conceal it, I'd go with the 19x/45, since you stated that it feels good in your hands.