What Glock do you conceal carry?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by bamafire1976, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. bamafire1976

    bamafire1976 Member

    Just curious which Glock everyone conceal carries? I currently conceal carry the 43 but thinking of purchasing the 19. Is there a big noticeable difference in conceal carrying the 19 over 43? Thanks for your feedback.
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  2. leathermaneod

    leathermaneod Member

    G43 or G26. In my opinion, yes. There is a huge difference between a 43 and a 19. I carry AIWB most of the time. 43 and 26 are great for this, 19 is impossible, for me.
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  3. Prayer Warrior

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  4. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Peace & Grace Lifetime Supporting Member

    Out of 6,000 civilian shootings, over 99% are 3-shots or less, 5-feet or less and 1-handed.
  5. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight Administrator Staff Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    Usually one of these G20SF,G30SF,G26,sig P220
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  6. helitack32f1

    helitack32f1 Active Member

    I suggest you purchase the G19 and give it a try. If it doesn’t work, you still have a G43 and a G19! Or, buy it so you can wear different guns for different attire. Either way, I doubt you would regret the purchase.

    Personally, I either carry the G23 or a G17.
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    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    G30S preferred but G43 most practical. I’d get a G36 were it Gen 4 hoping it bridges the gap between practical and most Power with least shots fired.
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  8. youngridge

    youngridge Member

    Glock 43 in the summer, Glock 26 in the winter, all IWB at 4:00.

    During business hours I carry the BG .380, back right pocket holster. Outside of work it is always a Glock.
  9. jrd9

    jrd9 New Member

    G30S OWB in a Galco holster with a good stiff belt with a slightly loose shirt and/or jacket over it. Never had a problem printing and great availability.
  10. hollywoodntn

    hollywoodntn Active Member

    G43 90% of time IWB AlienGear holster or in summer .380 bodyguard right front pocket
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  11. SixG17s

    SixG17s Well-Known Member

    I've carried a G20,G21,G31,G17,G30,G19,G23,G22 and a G26. Currently only a G19 and a G31.
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  12. chowser51

    chowser51 Active Member

    My daily carries are the 32 and 33 for backup. On duty it’s the 31 with 33 for backup.
  13. L-2

    L-2 Member

    I've got the following Glock models and might carry-concealed any one (or two) of them:
    G43, G26, G27, G19, G23, G17, G31, G34, G30.

    To narrow it down, I'd more likely be carrying a G26, G19, or G17.

    I think you'll notice the difference between a G43 and a G19 until you get used to carrying all the time. As I also mentioned, I might even be carrying a G19 and my G43 as a backup gun. When you have the time & money, go out and buy the G19(any gen), a holster, and begin carrying it (do shoot it, too, to verify function and your own familiarity, of course).
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  14. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Active Member


    Glock 19 MOS with RMR
    Strike Industries G4 Comp
    Trijicon Suppressor sights
    Overwatch Precision Trigger
    Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 Holster
    Appendix carry

    This is what I carry with a Kimber K6s 357 Magnum revolver in a Pocket carry Uncle Mike’s size 4 Holster, and an NAA 22 Magnum.
  15. Hollow-Point

    Hollow-Point Member Supporter

    I rock my 43 95% of the time and my 27 every now and then...
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  16. akpls

    akpls New Member

    43, 26, 23, 19....depends on the time of year, what I'm wearing and where I have to go that day. Some days and places I have to go with something even smaller than the 43 and not carry a Glock at all...like an LCP or DB9.
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  17. shaehawkins

    shaehawkins New Member

    Gen3 27 with mag extender and Foxx hybrid holster
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  18. dguillory

    dguillory Member

    Glock 22C appendix carry
  19. durandetto

    durandetto New Member

    G19 gen 5 or when it's warmer out a shield. There's definitely a big difference between carrying a compact double stack and a sub compact single stack.
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