What factory sights do i get?

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  1. TheDanielism

    TheDanielism New Member

    Just bought a Gen 2 G22 with night sights. I really like the factory sights that are standard on basic factory Glocks.

    I have seen that there are plenty of different sizes of rear sights. What size is standard, or what is the recommendation from Glock users.
  2. mike__bell

    mike__bell New Member

    99% of Glock people say trash the factory plastic sites.

    The choice is yours, Trijicon, Ameriglo, Heinie, and Warren Tatical at the top of the list.

  3. rimshaker

    rimshaker New Member

    I also liked the look of the stock sights but wanted at least higher quality material. So i got the Glock steel sights for just $20 installed. Same sight picture but the parts are thicker, durable, and have the actual Glock logos on them.
  4. larry

    larry New Member

    You may wish to consider Meprolight TDs.