What do yall think about the XDM's... own any? Hate em? Love em?

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  1. Just got a XDM-9 with a 3.8 barrel, 19 round standard mag. Anybody else got one? How do you like it? Pics?

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  2. 4.5 xdm here

    Looooove the trigger
    Don't really like the relation of the bore axis center line coming off a Glock
    Awesome shooter
    If you dry fire a lot you WILL eventually break the striker retaining pin. I've broken two, I keep 3-5 spares on hand.
    Filed strip ubber easy.
    Detail Strip not as easy as a Glock, especially the slide but once you buy or make the funky tool to remove the extractor and have the proper size punch for removing the striker retaining pin then have the right starter punch to reinstall striker retaining pin so you don't damage it....not so bad.

    other than that, all good

    NOTE: striker retaining pin MUST be removed in the direction of bottom to top. The pin must exit out of the top of the slide. The pin is in a tapered hole.

  3. Gen4new-guy

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    What different lengths does it come in?
  4. Webphisher

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    My local shop keeps trying to get me to buy an XDM 5.25 for comps over a G34. I keep telling them I can't shoot one in GSSF lol. I played with one, it looks and feels nice. But given the my G34 is gonna cost me $480 vs the $789 they want for the XDM, I think I'll stick to Glock lol.
  5. condor56

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    Full size .45 looks awesome.
  6. cdadler

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    I have an XDM40 3.8 and it's a great gun, very accurate. Have never had a FTF or FTE.
  7. I almost bought the XDm 5.25 .45 instead of my G35! The guy at the gun show did not accept credit cards, so I left with my G35!!
  8. Argyle64

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    I like the tactical model in .45 ACP. I won't buy one but I do like shooting my fellow officer's from time to time.
  9. DXPorker

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    I had purchased the XDM bi-Tone 40 about 5 months ago and I loved it! I traded it Monday for my Gen 4 Glock 21 dark earth! I've had 3 xd's and liked them all, I just prefer Glocks and M&P's
  10. safeties = potential for failure.
  11. mauro3005

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    I think they are a great civilian gun. But extra external safety is not necessary for people with proper training and as a service pistol a Glock or M&P is more suitable. And of course this is my opinion. But if u like it you can't go wrong.
  12. Dboyce12

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    My bro has one an I was quite impressed with how it shot! Very smooth and accurate! Still love my g22 way more though. :D
  13. ash1012

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    I have that exact gun several time and I like it pretty well. As mentioned before the only problems I have with it is that it sets to high in my hand. Other than that I think it's a great gun the back strap safety can be annoying tho
  14. GlockIt

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    I'am digging the new XDs Micro .45 but they haven't hit the market yet so I can't make decisions yet.
  15. ash1012

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    I 2nd that
  16. gunlover66030

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    I own 2 XDM's, a 4.5" and the new 5.25" My son and I shoot action pistol matches an love them both. Very accurate and have never had a malfunction or jam. I shoot both factory an reloaded ammo, both FMJ an lead with no issues .

    Hope this helps
  17. iamthedood

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    XdMs look allot better than the regular xds imo. ** I'll take glock over dx/xdm all day long though**
  18. my striker retaining pin just snapped from dry firing it. Mike was saying where to get some stronger ones... oh darn