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What do I got I no it's a gen.4 but aftermarket wise is it good

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Im not a huge Glock fan
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Looks like a 19C with Trijicon rear night sight, not sure if the front is a Trijicon night sight from the pic. Aftermarket trigger.
Mag has a Taran Tactical +5 base.
Doesn’t need anything except shooting.
Welcome to the forum from North Texas!
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No that’s a factory C model. C for compensated. Some people like them some don’t. Glock doesn’t make them as much as they used to.
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I’m thinking that’s a Zev trigger shoe if not the whole assembly.
The oversized mag release isn’t factory. It has a Glock extended slide release.
Doesn’t look like it was shot a ton as the wear on the barrel looks pretty light.
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Very nice.
welcome to the forum from Oklahoma.
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As far as after market replacement or mod parts I only have all Gen 3 Glocks except for my 43x which is a Gen 5, so I imagine the one place to look into it is The Glock Store.
So it's a good gun wasn't worth
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