What caliber Glock when SHTF?

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    Believe that a 9mm is the best option for a caliber that is not just widely used but as well used by our military as well if WROL was in the street and a armed soldier came to you demanding your weapons what would you do? What would you say? These are things that are a legitimate issue with the economy and the way our government is turning consider what best caliber you should use that you could find on any one anywhere.
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  2. As I understand it, the majority of US law enforcement use Glocks in .40 S&W (G22, G23, and G35). I'm just guessing, but I'd say there are probably more of those than anything else here. Things are likely different in other countries, though, so consider your location.

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    The way I look at it when the military comes for ur guns and the police enforce the tyrannical laws enforced on us by the elites the majority of dead will have 9mm when the militias and military duke it out there will be much NATO rounds laying about. I served in Iraq so I'm not some person dogging one side or the other but I believe that these things are real and will happen one day. Not just that but think of economical collapse and the desperation of many?
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    9mm, 40 and 45 are probably all safe bets for maintaining supply. Sure 9mm is the one most likely to be found on military personnel, but in reality does anyone think they are going to be taking out squads of military and taking their ammo?

    As for government confiscation of firearm, I think my signature line says where I stand on that subject.
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    agreed all are good choices but I prefer the 9mm as a good safe choice for reliable findings of resupply when **** hits the fan military personal will be takin out because the people fighting them will be ex-military and know the tactics behind the movements people will die on both sides if you practice force on force enough to become proficient at it you will be a formidable threat against the military and police, god forbid it to happen but no free man will suffer to the rise of tyranny and a police state turning us into east Germany with stazi type government personal. It's the spirit if 1776.
  6. Personally, I just don't see it going down that way. Military personnel will follow orders to a point, but our troops have all sworn an oath to defend the Constitution. If ordered to attack US citizens on US soil, most aren't likely to comply. History has shown this to be the case in other nations under similar circumstances.

    That said, it's more likely that foreign contractors will be utilized for that purpose. It does seem likely that they'd have weapons chambered in NATO calibers.

    I hope it never comes to this, but better safe than sorry.
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    I agree with that as well because our government has signed a deal with polish forces and Dutch forces to help the us government detain citizens in a civil unrest and economical collapse our government had already got rid of posi-comatotis

  8. Agreed, I would like to believe the same thing. And they would stand up to an unconstitutional order and side with the American public.
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    Well I hope that it will happen like that so bloodshed is avoided but It seems that one day it will come to that
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    If the SHTF, all I need is my Glock 29 10mm with my 3000+ stockpile of ammo and my Bushmaster AR-15 with my EOTech haha
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    As a retired military officer and still a contractor on a military installation, let me point out that most military officers are conservative. I did say most. I think most would consider such behavior to contradict the constitution, and therefore an unlawful order. I think that it would be a tough sell for the military members to order them to attempt to disarm the public/militia. They had issues during the civil war having Americans -vs- Americans, but they did not have information technology then like we have today. Everybody would know what was happening and there would be, in my opinion, mass mutiny. This is all my opinion only based on my experience. So, in answer to the OP's original question, stockpile what you shoot the best or get better with what you got! Geber teg has it right-
    I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God. This is the oath every officer in the U.S. military has to take. Disarming the public IS unconstitutional! Foreign contractors would have to be paid, I don't believe we have enough money to pay them. IMHO
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    I too was a contractor for triple canopy and I appreciate your opinion and agree I just want to get your statements on the subject
  13. I hate to say it. But if the military is ordered to come and take our guns the we are up **** creek. Some will fight back but I think most will give em up. That is just being honest. Look what happened in Katrina.
    Bunch of freaking cops or what ever came in and starting taking legal gun owners guns. They don't care. http://www.givethemback.com/
    I know there is a lot of LE on this board. For those of you that are honest cops, keep doing what you are doing. Cause there are a lot of PUNKS who are giving your profession a bad name. This crap needs to stop!

    Even I like to entertain the zombie idea of being prepared in a SHTF type situation. But the reality is Katrina is the best example of what we have to look forward too if some really bad stuff came our way. If you do your reading the examples don't look good.
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    They aint taking my guns...ill hide them if i must. Good thing AZ dont have no gun registory :)
  15. Amen to that.
    But I mean really, think about it for a min. What if they came in you house like they did that old women in the video. Talked to you like you were a kid and threw you to the floor demanding you give up all fire arms in the house.
    Would you be willing to throw down your life over some guns?
    Much to respect to the ones who would but like I said the reality is the avg person isn't going to die over some a few grand in guns.
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    An American soldier on US soil looking to take my weapons and ammo. I'm going to tell him I'm a cop/retired cop and give him a chance to reconsider. I'm an Oathkeeper. He refuses, we're going to have issues.

    He's going to have to kill a fellow American to get my guns and ammo.

    Will it happen? Could. There was an intelligence unit with the Utah NG that flat out told their CO that they would not take the guns from the citizens of New Orleans during the hurricane Katrina crisis.
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    the one in my holster at the time.
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    45 and 40. Those r the only I own.
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    I appreciate all of your inputs, I too am a oath keeper I would die over my rights and my guns it's not the fact that well there just a couple of guns it's the fact that a tyrant is willing to oppress me and my liberty/rights. "the lord teaches my hand to war and fingers to fight, he is my sword and shield no man shall prevail over me, no chain shall hold me. We who fight in the people's cause will never stop until the cause is won".
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    Free people own guns, Slaves don't!!!