Is the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory that is Gaston Glock's Austrian workshop coming up with something new for the naughty little boys and girls in 2014? Rumor on the interwebs is that the company plans to introduce a new competition oriented .45ACP longslide pistol for its racegun wanting polymer fans.


(Many Glocks are extensively reworked as competition raceguns. If the company were to commit to a stock version that is already half way there, it could prove popular)

This gun is speculated to be dubbed the Glock 41. The online rumor mill lists "SKU (stock keeping unit that dealers order by) numbers are PG4130101 and PG4130103, which indicate adjustable sights, and a low-cap and hi-cap version. The Glock 41 is more expensive than any of Glock's other pistols to date; based on the wholesale cost I'm seeing, street price will be $779.95 at my shop. Given that, my official guess is that the new Glock Model 41 is going to be an optics-ready, competition-oriented pistol to compete with the S&W M&P CORE and FNH-USA FNX-45 Tactical"


The Sportsman's Depot is already listing it for sale on their website. Of course, with already existing models running at a 6+-month backlog, I wouldn't hold your breath on getting one of the new G41s in your hand anytime soon.

As mentioned in the rumors a competition ready .45ACP would be a nice augment to Glock's line. Previously their only entry to this category was the Glock 17L model with its longer target barrel. With seemingly every .45 maker producing guns that are almost IPSC/USDPA ready right out of the box, it makes sense that Gaston wants his piece of the competition shooting pie.

This gun and the Glock 42 have set our forums on fire. Definitive proof as to all of this speculation should be resolved at the coming 2014 Shot Show in January.

Either way, keep tuned here to Glock Forum and we will let you know what we know as soon as we know it.