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went shootin.

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Got to shoot today.It has been a few weeks! My G31 shoots a tiny bit low as always. (but dead center) Nothing I can do about that. lol However, the new load set up was nice. I think 12.2 grn of No. 9 is the set up! My G20 is awesome with the custom grip and NP3+. It shoots so nice. Way easier to grip now. Cassandra's G23 with the custom grip work is so comfortable to shoot. It feels a lot like the XD. And my 1911 makes me look like I am a helluva shooter. :) I also shot my buddy's AR. It feels very different than mine but nice. Not a bad way to spend the morning.
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Not a bad day at all!!!! Money well spent?
Nice man, I shot a 31 at the range, and it was pretty awesome. It definitely shot straight no matter how far out I put the target. I'm thinking about getting a 32 barrel for my 23 eventually.
I ordered a 32 back in April. Still waiting for it. I plan on it "replacing" my G31 for work. Then I may use my G31 for plates and home defense. So more or less my fun gun. I really love that claiber.
I was told on here if you don't post pics that It never happened .sorry I shoot my gun at the range not a camera.
Yeah, my phone was in my truck. lol My wife didn't go and she usually takes the pics. Besides, I am an adequate shooter, nothing more.

My buddy shot my 1911 today. He just emailed me asking if the one he found on line was a good price. That's how I ended up with a 1911 too. :)
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