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water transferring ?

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Has anyone had this done ? I was at a charity car show and they had a booth set up and I was impressed !!! The carbon fiber pieces looked totally LEGIT . I got a quote for my 10/22 stock for my daughter to have it done in pink camp. $125.. seemed a little steep to me cause I can just buy a new stock for $75 , but man the stuff they can do is amazing. Anything from car parts to Alligator skulls lol..

this isn't the place I got the quote from ( can't find their card) but it is a similar deal.
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Contact this guy:

I have known him since 2007 when I used to race my LTR450. He does what is called "Junkie Fiber" and I can tell you from experience his work is INCREDIBLE. I'm not sure about these days, but his prices used to be the best in the business and he has been doing it for a long time.
I had a shot gun dipped, held up very well and looks awsome.
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