Wanted G20. Bought G29 and now.........

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Mark Lishchynsky, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Get 2 hogs lined up & you might get a 2 for 1, lol! Tests I saw, they flew through stuff.
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    Get a Glock 20.

    You know you want it
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    Here’s the Extreme Penetrator going through bullet proof glass video. He’s using the G40 = 6” barrel so based on the charts rbeers posted it should have ~200fps over the 29. Regardless, it’s just fun to see it turn the glass into paper!

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    The 150gr is dangerous game rated. I don’t believe the 140gr is.



    Well I was exactly backwards on that comment.
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    It looks like two different lines of ammo - Xtreme Penetrator vs Xtreme Hunter. Then there’s Xtreme Defender too - meant to penetrate less. A bit on the confusing side.
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    I run Xtreme defender in my LCP2 380 acp.
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    Just shoot the critter with the 10 and save the Udap to commit suicide with by discharging it in your ear for instant brain death.

    I carry a G20 in a cross draw fashion on my left hip, tilted as far as possibly in a CQC so there's no chance of shooting myself in my own hamhock. It's not that heavy and I've got COPD, a ruined knee, fractured pelvis and I'm old ..... so there's no running away nor any fancy footwork to avoid a bear.

    I've had 4 pre-Glock bear encounters and I figgered a 5th might not work out very good.

    So I carry 15+1, Underwood XPs, Condition 1, hot outta the holster and I ain't fiddling around with Louisiana Hot Sauce in aerosol form.

    I wear a lightweight backpack with some lures and terminal gear plus some water and a PBJ or 2.
    I don't have time to spray 00-Buck,
    or a small yield nuclear device.
    I got me a 10mm hand cannon
    BTW ---> wear suspenders to equalize the load and practice 1-handed greeting cards for Yogi or Boo-Boo.
    Smokey is fair game too. ​