Want To Shoot Stippled Glock

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by glockblock250, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. glockblock250

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    I've been doing a lot of research on stippling of my G19. I've read all about the pros and cons and have decided I want to give it a shot (pun intended). The problem is, I really enjoy the way that stippled grips look - but have never shot a stippled handgun.

    So I'm asking if anybody has experience with stippling, and tips and/or tricks as well as possibly meeting up in the Houston,Tx area to try and shoot a stippled glock before I go all out on mine.
  2. walkingwolf

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    My understanding is that stippling was not for looks, but for function. Glock is probably not the best choice for a pretty gun.

  3. actionshooter38

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    Try some of the various tape type grip enhancements before stippling your gun. This way you can try various textures without it being permanent. I love the texture of the Talon grips on my G23.
  4. Did you do the granulate or rubber ones? I'm thinking about getting some for mine.
  5. actionshooter38

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    The rubber ones. I wasn't sure if I'd like them or not. I was thinking of doing a stipple job myself. Now. I'm completely satisfied.
  6. I don't even want to own one! I have only seen a very few I would maybe own which are pros that make them look almost like a factory finish and not like a thousand hot BB's were launched at the frame.
  7. The stippled Glocks are starting to surface in lgs and are priced as if they are like regular used pistols but they seem to just sit and rot in the display cases. I personally think they lose value in price but they are just as reliable as any other Glocks. Just not for me but to those that like it good for you:)
  8. gen-admission

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    true words .. It's kinda like religion: you gotta go w/ what works for you .. some like/need it some don't :salute:
  9. Stippling (in my opinion) helps with follow ups. I've stippled my Glocks, and many of my friends. They're always hesitant before getting it done, but once they do they love it.