Walther P22

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by wnctroutbum, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. wnctroutbum

    wnctroutbum New Member

    What's everyone think about that P22? I am thinking about getting one.
  2. etbonds

    etbonds New Member

    I have one. I have had nothing but problems it will not feed the last round even with the more expensive ammo. Front sight flew off at the range. If I could do it over I would buy something else.

  3. runman

    runman New Member

    Sorry, I have no experience with the walther but the Ruger SR22 is a nice gun. I have about 500 rounds through it without a problem.
  4. bigben

    bigben Member

    How much ya want for it? Lol
  5. Dan75719

    Dan75719 New Member

    My brother owns a P22 that I shoot quite a bit. It's a good little gun to shoot but there are a lot of problems with feeding ammo. The CCI ammo usually feeds ok. There are constantly jams feeding the next round or ejecting a casing. I have a friend that has a P22 with the same problems. I went with the M&P 22 and love it. A few jams (as with all 22s) but not nearly as many as with the P22.
  6. wnctroutbum

    wnctroutbum New Member

    Thanks for all the input I currently have a Mark3 and love it, but I want something more like my glocks to practice with.
  7. Dan75719

    Dan75719 New Member

    You could get a .22 conversion kit for your glock.
  8. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    x2 It will cost you the same as a whole pistol, and it is the closest thing to practicing you can get.

    I had a P22 and traded it for a sig mosquito. The front sights kept falling out, and it was a bit small (that is a good and bad thing). At least it came with 2 mags, unlike most other .22 pistols.
  9. I bought my wife the pink frame p22 about 4 yrs ago and she LOVES it! We've put close to 700 rounds thru it with no problems. I always clean and lube it after every trip to the range. As most people know, the .22 is really dirty, so just make sure its clean and lubed. I've heard a lot of negative feedback on this gun, but so far, not our experience. IMHO.
  10. stauffmw

    stauffmw New Member

    We have a blue frame with silver slide. We have occasional stovepipes but have found the shiny brass Remington .22 seems to work best for us.
  11. We use CCI mini mags. That's what is recommended, but what works, is what you buy. The LGS sell factory seconds and they work great! The best thing is that they are half the cost of Walmart sells!!
  12. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    Very finicky as far as ammo goes and a pita to take down. I recommend the Ruger , sig , or S&W 22a instead.
  13. chadsaalfrank

    chadsaalfrank New Member

    i have prob 300 rounds thru my p22 and it has done well so far. I had the sig mosq 22 and it was a POS! a buddy just got the M&p 22 and that is the best one of them all IMHO.
  14. etbonds

    etbonds New Member

    I called on mine they told me to send the magazines back. It took 3 months to get new ones. They did send me the wrong mag after a month. Finally after numerous emails and phone calls the sent me 5 back, which is great but the gun still malfunctions. It's live able it's usually just the last round doesn't feed. I put Blue loctite in the front site no problem since then.
  15. I've been hearing a lot of feedback on the difficulty of field stripping the p22, but I don't find it that difficult! I mean it's not as easy as a Glock and takes a little more time, but no big deal. JMO.
  16. Grabber GT

    Grabber GT New Member

    Ruger MK IIII. Nuf said!
  17. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    I love my Walthers, but if you gave me a P22 for free, I'd immediately trade it for something else. Ruger SR22 would be my choice of polymer frame .22, but I've heard of a few issues with it as well. I have a S&W 22A and I don't recall a single failure with it, and I've run Federal, Remington, and CCI through it. I don't really shoot it enough and have been thinking about getting rid of it. I'm low on space in the safe and the ammo cabinet. I'd rather have the .30 ammo can that's currently full of .22 be full of something else. :)
  18. Roomates have a P22, shoots really well, and takes CCI Mini Mags with zero issues, and bulk Federal (blue box) with occasional feeding issues.

    Shooting the P22 after shooting a G21 makes it feel more like you're holding a squirt gun. It's accurate for a short barrel 22 pistol.

    They've only had the P22 for a year, and have easily pumped 10,000 rounds through it. Only issue of consequense is that the front sight is glued on from factory, and it has actually popped off twice this year while shooting - Dollop of super-glue fixed it both times.

    Field stripping the P22 is a pain in the neck.