Waiting Periods for CCW

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  1. Hello, just curious about the different states/city's waiting period for CCW. I don't know if it because of everyone frantically applying for a CCW, but it takes about 45 days for people near me to get their CCW once submitted to the courts.

    How long does it take in your city/state?
  2. ncreb24

    ncreb24 New Member

    Four weeks almost to the day in Alexander County NC

  3. jcalonso

    jcalonso Member

    About 4 days in Leesburg, Georgia.
  4. Whisky

    Whisky New Member

    Texas - Wife's and mine took from 12 Feb to 2 May (paperwork sent to Tx DPS to receipt of license in mail)

    yep, a little over 2 1/2 months

    (gee, one would "think" that in Tejas.....oh well, we've got 'em)
  5. mahtan

    mahtan Decent Citizen of USA Surviving on Planet Earth.

    30 minutes to 1 hour, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Too much Time, don't you Think?:D
  6. TheFireman404

    TheFireman404 New Member

    In Ohio, about 4 weeks. Indiana is up to almost 6months!! Which is typical for that State!! Not enough personnel to do the job!!!
  7. They told me 3 - 5 months here in Nevada.
    Took 3 weeks n a couple days. I was pretty stoked it turned up so fast.
  8. Took me a day (Pennsylvania).
  9. Ding

    Ding Active Member

    45 days for me in the state of OHIO!
  10. chew

    chew New Member

    7-10 days up here in New Hampshire. Renew every 4yrs. $10.00
  11. WB973G30sf

    WB973G30sf New Member

    15 mins to to an hour, depending on how many ppl are there. Luzerne county , Pa
  12. Mikezglock17

    Mikezglock17 New Member

    Fayette County PA, about 8 minutes start to finish. Took 11 minutes to find a place to park!
  13. stahlG23

    stahlG23 New Member

    I just got mine this past Friday and it took 23weeks for mine to come in, they told me it would take 16 weeks but much longer. Before the gun craze it was 6 to 8week wait period
  14. FarazTE

    FarazTE New Member

    Crazy I'm Fulton county took mine three months.
  15. Ranr24

    Ranr24 New Member

    The whole process took 7 months in Dutchess County NY.. then another 3 weeks to get your pistol(s) added on the permit.
  16. huntman3

    huntman3 New Member

    Took mine just under 3 months in TX.
  17. bassace

    bassace New Member

    Took me 10 days in Wisconsin. My non-resident Nevada came in 3.5 weeks and my Utah is on 32 days and counting.
  18. ruano1987

    ruano1987 New Member

    2 months for me in OR and about 2 weeks for my Florida non-resident. I'm good in 35 states!
  19. notoriousm3

    notoriousm3 New Member

    Almost 4 months in Arizona .